Need help configuring my wired/wifi network to share a printer

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Need help configuring my wired/wifi network to share a printer

Post by speleomania » Sun Aug 04, 2019 9:20 pm

I could use some help trying to setup/share my printer on my home lan

Some background:
Using a wifi router with ip as my gw to the inet
Desktop1 is wired to the gw
Desktop2 and laptop1 are wifi-ed to the gw
All running latest Lin Mint 19.1 x64

I hooked up an older HP printer to Desktop2 via a standard eth connection and installed it as a network printer with my eth device ip and the printer

Now - I can print from my Desktop2 just fine. Ideally I'd like to have the printer shared on my network so that my Desktop1 and laptop1 can all use it.

Alas having no luck so far:
- my idea of bridging the wlan and eth interfaces doesn't work for some reason I dont fully understand - seems like this cannot be done in linux /my conclusion googling around/. This works just fine with two eth cards but not with a wifi card
- once set the wifi method to "shared to other computers" my wifi adapter refuses to connect to the router
- also tried sharing the printer - the shared printer installs just fine on my laptop for example, however printing a test page or sending anything to the printer does absolutely nothing

Ideally I'd like to have this printer part of my network and forwarding ip through my wifi adapter to the printer but I;ve been unable to ping the printer in this configuration from my laptop

Running out of ideas of things to try

And before you ask - due to space limitations wiring the printer directly to the router is not an option in my case unfortunately

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