Syncing a single folder on 2 computers

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Syncing a single folder on 2 computers

Post by MISSINGN0 »

Ahoy there everyone! I've got an issue that I'm sure someone here can help with.

I've got two machines running Linux Mint that I use daily. The first is a desktop that does most of the heavy lifting for some programming that I do in my spare time. The second is my laptop that I use primarily for web surfing but also doubles as a mobile workstation for the aforementioned programming projects.

Currently when I want to sync files on both machines, I copy the updated files from one machine to the other (usually via bluetooth). Typically files are transferred from my desktop to my laptop but it's not uncommon for the transfer to go the other direction as well. All affected files are currently limited to a single folder located on the desktop of both machines.

As I'm sure you've guessed by now, I want to know if there's a more efficient way to ensure that the files in that folder are identical on both machines. I've done a little research and from what I can tell, rsync is looking like the most often suggested solution but if I'm being honest, it seems outside of the scope of my current skills.

In a perfect world, this transfer would happen automatically whenever my computers are on the same internet network or manually when they are on different internet networks. Is this possible or would it be better to stick with my current method until I know enough to get under the hood of my own operating system?

Thanks in advance for the advice. Stay awesome.

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Re: Syncing a single folder on 2 computers

Post by Pierre »

as always, there is an couple of ways, to do that & Grsync is one way: ... -easy-way/
that's an old article, but the principle is still the same.
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