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How to configure the hotspot in linux like an android phone creates a hotspot ?Or how to create a ftp server from linux?

Posted: Mon Oct 26, 2020 2:33 pm
by Th33
I am trying to : Create hotspot from my pc > connect it with my android phone > create a ftp server from my phone > then access the phone storage from pc .

( At first , when i was able to create hotspot, i couldn't connect it with my phone, it failed to obtain an ip address. ( I had to manually write an ip address in my phone to connect )Then I created DHCP server (using isc-dhcp-server ) and Now i can successfully connect my phone with this hotspot without typing ip address . )

The problem is :
When I create a ftp server from my android phone (while pc and phone connected in the same network created from linux pc hotspot ), I can't connect the ftp with pc (please see in the picture). When I create the hotspot from my phone , not from pc ,it connects successfully .

Sorry for my bad English :(