TightVNC Blank/Black screen

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TightVNC Blank/Black screen

Post by msnealer »


I'm trying to set-up a VNC remote desktop to my home Mint 9 PC. I have installed TightVNC and started the server, and made sure the ports are forwarded.

From my work Windows XP, I have tried both the TightVNC view and the RealVNC viewer. On both, I connect and get asked for the password, but then just get a blank screen. With RealVNC, I can see the mouse cursor on the remote, but can't interact with it.

I have no experience with VNC and its taken a while to get this far. Can anybody help
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Re: TightVNC Blank/Black screen

Post by beefstu »

There has been some incompatibility with proprietary graphics drivers, try turning the desktop effects on the server computer to none and connecting again. Are you on the same network as the computer you are controlling? If so there should be no need to port forward, in fact its best not to if you don't need it.

Have you tried to connect on the same network, or even from the same computer? (from the same computer can be a little confusing but just hit the 'x' in the top corner to close it.)
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