basic home server setup

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basic home server setup

Post by mahuhu »

Hey all

I've just got given a couple of old laptops and since i have too many in the house for everyone to use at the same time i thought i would try to use one as a home server,but don't have a lot of knowledge on how to do so or what type of server to use

I have 3 laptops running wireless from a standard modem isp's give away when you sign up. and i'm in the process of building a desktop and would like to be able to share all the music/video files across all of them without using something like dropbox. also to run a printer from the server. (i run mint on all my machines with just 1 laptop dual booting windows)

The laptop i'm thinking of using is an old compaq nc6000 upgraded to 2G ram and not a very big hard drive (60 or 80G i think) but i dont mind upgrading or adding an external one.

I am not thinking of setting up websites or anything just a local network type thing.

The questions i have are:
1. Do i need to run a spare laptop as a server? is there much of an advantage.
2. If so will i just need a ftp server or something else
3. Will the laptop overheat?
4. If it is worth it and it's not going to melt on me what are good server distros to use?

links to helpful pages are always appreciated

Thanks in advance for any answers
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Re: basic home server setup

Post by ThistleWeb »

It may be worth exploring Amahi it's a home server built on Fedora. It apparently has a lot of plugins to do all sorts of server services, it's also apparently very easy to use with a web interface. Amahi may be overkill in terms of features, on the other hand it may open up ideas on what you could do in addition to being a media server. It works on an app store model for adding features, Apple have forced them to rename "app store" to something else but the project itself is unchanged.
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Re: basic home server setup

Post by escherplex »

If copying is good enough and your router is fast enough then another alternative is a utility that I found recently called 'Dukto R4'


This will link up all machines on your router and allow fast file transfer from one unit to another. Very simple setup via tar.gz (then relocate the two files to the desired folder, make a link to the executable , and post it to the desktop). When running It queries who are on (what else are running DuktoR4) and posts that to a 'buddies' list where each can be selected and sent either a file or a text message. I've been using it for a couple of weeks to transfer files between Mint and Windows on 4 home machines (and a PS3) without any problems.
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