mint4win in external hard drive?

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mint4win in external hard drive?

Postby rinaldohack » Sat May 19, 2012 1:03 pm

i want to install mint4win in my external hard drive, because i have windows in it, my internal hard drive is fault and im too afraid to open it (it is laptop!)
if you want to know how i install windows, see my LOCKED THREAD (if they are not deleted...)

i created 2 partition on my external hard drive... one for windows, one for data...
i dont know where is sdb1, where is sdb2, because i resized the default partition (one that come with the harddisk), move it to end, and created windows partition...
i use easeus when i do it...
but when i install mint4win that come with linux mint 13 mate, and reboot, it cant found installation.iso and ask to do chkdsk...
i do, and no errors... because i always shutdown windows properly, never throw it, and its age
but i somewhat confused.... why it mount /dev/sda1?
or i only can install mint4win in primary hard drive? or it errors because it is windows 7 usb?

someone can help me? please!
and admin, please dont lock my thread! i really need answer...

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Re: mint4win in external hard drive?

Postby usbtux » Sun May 20, 2012 3:42 pm

Mint4win doesn't "install" mint to a file system its a virtual file system. Mint installs to a hard drive on its own partition(s) where as Mint4win
It allows mint to be installed and run from within a virtual Windows loop device (as a large image file that is managed like any other Windows program via the Windows Control Panel). The operating system can then be removed similar to any other Windows software again using the Windows Control Panel. This method requires no partitioning of the hard drive. It is only useful for Windows users; it is not meant for permanent installations because it incurs a slight performance loss.
This is not really dual booting as mint is installed in a file within windows, you can find he install folder called mint in the root of the c: drive.

Please see and specifically LinuxMint tutorials.
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