Regular Mint install through mint4win?

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Regular Mint install through mint4win?

Postby Cato » Thu Mar 19, 2009 6:07 pm

I'm having some serious problems w/ my LiveCD [which I suppose I should save for another post]. I'm thinkin about installing Mint4Win, but I only have 12gbs on my hard disk left and would really prefer to do a full install.

But I was wondering, is there a way to do a regular Mint install from a Mint4Win install? I'm thinkin that this would be an extremely convenient work-around of my LiveCD boot problems.


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Re: Regular Mint install through mint4win?

Postby el_b » Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:50 pm

I had mint4win first, then did a backup and made a full install, wiping out Windows. Consider installing xfce community edition, I think it's faster.
Maybe there's away, but someone told me m4w has different settings and stuff. It may be possible to copy the .disk image to an HD...
Something you should consider: The only thing Windows does that Linux can't really do is play some games like Rainbow 6 las Vegas, yet it's different, it will take you a while to master it. A short while, normally. It has a bit of bugs too, like displaying a "Couldn't grab mouse" error when you try to launch an administration tool, unless you click on the desktop before it launches. I don't know if XFCE has that problem.
Good luck.
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