[SOLVED] Mint4Win Uninstall Issue (Vista)

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[SOLVED] Mint4Win Uninstall Issue (Vista)

Postby Kelaos » Wed Jan 13, 2010 11:17 pm

Thank you very very much myspacecommassergio!
So I fixed it. I shall explain exactly what I did in case anyone else has this problem :)

First off I downloaded Easy BCD then installed it. There's a variety of options in the nice big buttons on the side. One of them listed all the different boot options I had, and had a delete option. I deleted all the ones I didn't want to use (which was everything but Vista.) Then I went and chose "Reinstall Vista Bootloader".
Then I restarted my computer to make sure it worked. To my joy it booted Vista normally! ^^

I then cut & pasted the "mint" folder that was sitting on my C: drive to my external drive, just in case something went wrong. I then deleted the empty folder that stayed on my C: drive. I then rebooted again. Hey! Vista boots again!

Everything is back to normal! I now no longer have any form of Linux on my machine, it boots Vista normally again!
If I were fed up with Linux and was happy with just Vistathis is where I would've stopped.

BUT! of course I want to give Linux Mint a fair try. So I'm running it off of the LiveCD I had burnt and will probably install it to a partition on my computer later today.

AGAIN Thank you very much for the help and I hope this helps anyone else who had a similar issue to mine! ^^

My Original Post:
Hello Everyone. First some background.

I'm running the 64-bit version of Windows Vista as my main OS. I decided after using the Live CD for Linux Mint 8 that I'd like to use Linux Mint 7's "Install inside Windows" option, so I wouldn't have to worry about anything going funky. This is the first time I've installed Linux, so I have no experience using it really, other than playing with Live CDs.

Now, I'm working with Linux Mint 7 for all these issues now:
I install Linux Mint 7 KDE, the community version. (Checked md5sum btw) I then encounter the problem of YouTube being weird with the video. I don't recall the exact term for it. There's lines across the screen that make it look choppy.
And I read that the Main edition is better for new users. So I decide I'll uninstall it.

I reboot in Vista and uninstall the KDE version. I still want to use Mint so I reboot (KDE version and the boot loader were still there... KDE version didn't work. Figured I'd look it up) in Vista then install Linux Mint 7 (Main edition). (Assuming it would overwrite the KDE version or just be seperate).

Now here's the issue. I go to restart my computer and launch Linux Mint 7 Main for the first time. The boot loader still lists the KDE version... but I try the Main edition. It doesn't load. Can't find the directory (I can copy down the exact message if that would help.) So I try loading KDE, it doesn't work either. I try loading both a few times and it never works. So I come back to Vista and uninstall both. I reboot. They're still listed in the boot loader. Also the fact that the boot loader is still there is an issue. In my C: drive I also see the file folder "mint" which is taking up like 15gb (space isn't a /huge/ issue for me as i've got 1TB, but still it is annoying). I don't want to manually delete that as I think it would make it so I can't boot my computer at all. I tried using the uninstallers in the folders too and it's no longer in my Add/Remove programs. I tried installing Linux Mint 7 Main again, just to see if it'd help. It didn't.

So now whenever I start up my computer I am listed with the options of: Vista, Linux Mint KDE, Linux_Mint_Main, and (yes again) Linux_Mint_Main... None of the linux versions work (as I've uninstalled them all) but Vista works fine.

I'd like to either have Linux Mint 7 Main working as "installed inside windows" as I originally wanted or to completely remove Linux and the bootloader from my computer (Keeping Vista intact of course).

People who know what they're doing, please help!
This is a bad introduction to Linux for me, and if my stuff is still messed up I may just give up on Linux. I don't want to but it might happen.
Thanks in advance!
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Re: Mint4Win Uninstall Issue (Vista) - Please help! New to Linux

Postby myspacecommassergio » Thu Jan 14, 2010 9:51 am

I never used this mint4win.... but it seems like your having trouble restoring the WINDOWS VISTA x64 bootloader, correct?

ok I'm no pro not to sure but maybe this will help! :lol:

You need Easy BCD it will restore your bootloader with a few easy clicks. EASY! :D

Ok this part apply's to you

Download EASY BCD

get it here:

Open it/run it in VISTA then select "Manage Bootloader"

Next, Tick / select "Reinstall Vista Bootloader"

Next, under it click "WRITE MBR"

In the bottom a little message should say it was succesfully written(like in the bottom some text should give a little message not a popup window).

Note that doing this will now boot windows normally. Grub will be off so you won't be able to select anymore what OS to use @ start up. If linux is paritioned on your hard drive read further down the next guide will get it off for a fresh install or to give VISTA more space. Hope this helps!


For all others trying to uninstall Linux (since you can't boot into it now that Vista's defualt bootloader is back)

This is how I do it to uninstall a linux MINT PARTITION but this part shouldn't apply to you since you use Mint4Win I belive you unsintall it in ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS for the Mint4WIN users.

For all others:

When ever I need to uninstall/delete linux off my HARD DRIVE's parition normally I just go to computer in VISTA x64's start menu,
right click it

Select Manage-> Disk Management and I delete the Linux Partitions 2x the first time it turns green then black or something,

once it says "unallocated" then you can extend your Windows partition over to it or save it for another Linux Install.

That gets linux out for a fresh install later on.

Don't stop yet if you installed it another way (i'm writting this for others in general who have this problem) now you if you haven't followed the Easy BCD instructions above then you still need VISTA's bootloader back! Don't you dare restart with out a bootloader or your going to be up the creek without a paddle unless you have restore CD's.

Don't restart til you get it back or else you'r going to need your restoration C D's

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Re: Mint4Win Uninstall Issue (Vista) - Please help! New to Linux

Postby myspacecommassergio » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:07 am

your so lucky I replied so fast lol 1 day...that's not bad :P

Guy or Girl lol I wont say either just incase.

Ok follow my guide above and all should be well. Then do a fresh install of your favorite LINUX DISTRO and you should have a decent GRUB bootloader again. :)

Linux Mint 8 isn't that hard to install. It pretty much partitions the Windows drive for you.

Like in windows (why is Microsoft doing this?) I could not partition my harddrive and have over 70GB free (wow).

Even after defragmenting and so on.

So I decided to risk it. I booted the LIVE CD via USB (wich is much faster) and then in like 15minutes it installed.

I choose the auto option thing where you move the slider. Guess what? It let me pick as much space as I wanted out of the 70GB. Seems like a certain somebody doesn't want you dual booting with Linux hehehehe...

Anyways I've done this twice now using the guide written above to uninstal 1 of the partitions to make way for the x64 release with sucess! THE GRUB BOOT MENU LOADS FINE FOR ME. 1 time for Mint 32x then when Mint 64x came out. I have no issues so far in Linux Mint x64. The GRUB2(i belive its version 2 could be mistaken) boot menu isn't showing the old Mint x32 after uninstall everything displays fine.

Use the Easy BCD program it will work. Trust me it's the easiest full proof option available. I have never used Linux Mint 7 I started with 8 but give Linux Mint 8 a shot its cool, you will thank me much! I'm new to the community and linux in general. Glad to have helped. Post solved in the Subject and your sucess(if this works). Wich I'm confident it will. Then you can delete that 15GB linux Mint folder(after you restore Windows Vista bootloader). :)

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Re: Mint4Win Uninstall Issue (Vista) - Please help! New to Linux

Postby myspacecommassergio » Thu Jan 14, 2010 10:12 am


If you decide to parition your drive via the live CD to install linux mint 8 next time you boot into WINDOWS VISTA (don't be scared its normal) you should get some sort of error message or Checksum.. let it check the Disk for consistancy 1 time then it will never ask you for it again. You can skip it but its a hassle it will keep asking over and over everytime you boot into your windows partition until you let it run a check(wich takes quite a few minutes).

I'll let you decide what's best for your machine... this should be enough in depth stuff to walk you through everything if any thing else let me know. I'm no linux pro but I'll try.

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Re: [SOLVED] Mint4Win Uninstall Issue (Vista)

Postby myspacecommassergio » Sat Jan 16, 2010 11:44 am

Yeah those bootloaders can be a pain sometimes. :roll:

There is another way... but its to risky since I never done it. You need your restore CD's and you hit one of the buttons @ start up and it lets you restore the bootloader off the windows restore CD. I've never done that so I wont post how to do it. Sounds like to much work to me. The Easy BCD is the best choice 1 *CLICK* and it's back.

Glad to have helped!

Give Linux mint 8 a try it's a nice distro. It's your first time right? When you install it, do a dual boot, don't wipe windows off (just incase). Most likely most thigns will work on they're own and you'll have to download a VIDEO card DRIVER to enable all the 3Dish stuff in compiz. After you download your video card drivers mess around with COMPIZ Fusion's effects. You'll be shocked how many more graphics and effects compiz has than vista or windows 7. My laptop with alot of Compiz fusion effects wont even heat up as much as it does in vista. Wich is wierd becuase I have more effects going on in linux than in windows. :?

If I'm not mistaken I think Win7 stole theyre GUI from KDE (Linux). I don't know you be the judge. I'm new to this as well but synaptic manager and reposotiries is where the goodies are at. Like Clem told me remember that .deb files scatterred around the internet could be possible VIRUSES like as in VISTA a .exe file could install something nasty same with .deb files. Packadge Manager is where the goodies are at. I'd recomend you give it at least 20GB or more for your dual boot becuase your going to fill that space up with all sorts of goodies your going to be downloading from the packadge manager(all free of charge).

Linux even has some free games in there packadge manager full fledged 3D. Who knows you might end up playing in linux more than Windows. Have fun with it. It really is an amazing OS. It comes with all video/audio codecs(main edition) but you may still want to check out VLC player. :P



You guys judge becuase I suck at judging stuff like this but the GUI's are similar...i wonder why? lol

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