ASK add Mint4win to GrubLoader menu

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ASK add Mint4win to GrubLoader menu

Postby auzty » Fri May 13, 2011 2:21 pm

My operating system is : XP SP 3 , and i installed Mint4Win a few month ago ( working nice)
since i try to full install Backtrack 4 RC2 to my other partition,
and now..
at booting, i saw a Grub Loader (caused from Backtrack)
and there are only few options:
- Backtrack 4...
- Backtrack 4 recovery mode
- memtest86+ bla"
- other operating system
- windows XP

and when i choose XP , it's appear option again
- Windows XP professional
- Linux Mint (it's from Mint4Win)

it's worked before i installed BT4
but now, if i choose Linux Mint , the error appears :"Alert!!.. host/linuxmint/ bla bla bla... Dropping to a shell"
i don't know to fix it..
or it must be including linux mint boot to GrubLoader ?
howto add it manually ?or i only reinstall mint4win ?(i want my linux mint files safe)

(sorry for my bad English)

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Re: ASK add Mint4win to GrubLoader menu

Postby nunol » Tue May 24, 2011 11:53 am

I don't use mint4win and have no experience with it.

I would install Mint in multiboot with XP and BT instead of using mint4win.

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