how to install fluxbox and uninstall gnome

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how to install fluxbox and uninstall gnome

Postby string-serenade » Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:09 am

hi to everyone,
I like Debain really much. I like Linux Mint. Also a great thank to Clem for this edition.
But I like Fluxbox, too. How can I install fluxbox and uninstall Gnome?

For the Linux-Mint 10 LMDE I would suggest an installation like in Sabayon DVD.
In Sabayon DVD would be asked which Desktop Environment you prefer and it will installed. Because of the hard work of Linux Mint team to give the possibility to choose between lot of DE and KDE, it may be a goal of LMDE.
fluxbox is fluxbox...

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Re: how to install fluxbox and uninstall gnome

Postby mithos » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:28 pm

First, there will be no Linux Mint 10 LMDE. Linux Mint Debian Edition is a rolling release. This means that, while the iso may be updated occasionally, there will be no further releases - to have the latest system you merely have to install all updates. And the LMDE installer is a Work in progress.

To install fluxbox do

Code: Select all

apt install fluxbox

or install the fluxbox package in synaptic.

Log out, and after selecting a user, at the bottom of the screen there will be a listbox labelled session. Click it and choose fluxbox.
Uninstalling gnome requires removing the packages that make up the gnome DE. I would recommend that you did not remove them, just configure your fluxbox environment and make it default. If you must uninstall, the applications have fairly obvious names mostly (e.g. openoffice); but you may want to remove Metacity (the WM, as it is now replaced with fluxbox) and Nautilus (the file browser - you will need to install another one though.)

Hope this helps.

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