Install Fluxbox with mint-artwork-fluxbox?

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Install Fluxbox with mint-artwork-fluxbox?

Postby messi » Wed Nov 03, 2010 9:21 am

Hi there,
I use Linux Mint 9 with KDE Desktop on my laptop. Because I often use my Laptop portably, I tried to install Fluxbox to need less power. The "normal" fluxbox installation with synaptic or the terminal

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apt install fluxbox
was no problem, but I expected to get the same desktop as the Linux Mint 9 Fluxbox version.
I searched an found in synaptic the package "mint-artwork-fluxbox" (by using the Fluxbox distribution as Live-CD or in VM), that, in my opinion, includes the style of the Fluxbox.
On the homepage of Linux Mint, you can find a list of these packages:
I istalled it to my Linux Mint (with and without install the fluxbox package), but I wasn't able to use fluxbox. There was only the fluxbox version without the Linux Mint add-ons/settings.
What must I do to get the Linux Mint fluxbox desktop without loosing my KDE desktop (=replace OS)?

Maybe someone can help me

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Re: Install Fluxbox with mint-artwork-fluxbox?

Postby oc999 » Sat Apr 16, 2011 2:18 pm

I recently just did the same thing on Linux Mint 10 and Gnome.
I also installed the mint-artwork package but in the end I had to do all the configuring manually - which wasnt that hard.

the first thing I replaced was the pretty ugly (imho) panel or taskbar or whatever its called from the original fluxbox with the same used in LM9 Fluxbox RC -

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sudo apt-get install tint2

after you installed that one you will want to remove the original one in ~./.fluxbox/init - just remove the system tray in the line.
and also set session.screen0.toolbar.visible to false.
after that you should also edit the ~./.fluxbox/startup file and add tint2.
you might also want to add some other kde apps you want load in that startup ( I load nm-applet and some other gnome stuff like gnome-keyring and gnome-settings so I can use my GTK theme and connect my existing wifi connections I already set up in gnome. dont know what kde uses though.

the style that the LM9 Fluxbox RC uses is called shiki - i think you can download it on just unpack it and move/copy those files to either /etc/fluxbox/styles (global theme for every user -> need root access to do that!) or ~./.fluxbox/styles (local - just for your user).
I havent checked out the Fluxbox Menu used in the Fluxbox RC but since you can easily configure it yourself to your needs its just better you just quickly write your own menu - that comes in handy if you plan on using some kde apps in fluxbox too. Its all documented pretty good on the fluxbox site and it is pretty simple.
you can manually change the menu by editing the ~./.fluxbox/menu file.

another thing - if you dont find the app you need to do whatever you need to do (for example editing those 3 config files) you can always start them with ALT+F2.

Hope that helps!

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