Selling PCs Running MINT

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Selling PCs Running MINT

Post by cain546 » Wed Nov 21, 2012 10:21 pm

I Volunteer at a NON-PROFIT recycling Facility I am the Senior Non-accredited Technician Refurbishing PC Computers
Are MAR machines can only be distributed to other Non Profits/Organizations that have applied for Machines
Sometimes we get a machine that either has no COA or is a Server/Tower/Desktop That we cannot re-license
So we had been installing Ubuntu on these machines and selling them in are thrift store though with limited success

Now i have made the switch to Linux MInt 13 KDE x86-64 as the primary Linux OS to be used in-house at are recycling facility
And am in the process of redoing all the installation procedures and was wondering how far we can take the advertising of MINT
Would we be able to 1) Advertise With Signs and Banners? 2) Advertise on are website The fact that we Install and Sell Linux Machines?
My primary Goal is to Advertise that we sell Linux machines and actually get the sales of Linux machines to compare to the number of Windows machines
we refurbish and sell

Then i would ask if There's any way that are Facility can help Support/work hand in hand with the Linux Mint Community?

Thank You
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Re: Selling PCs Running MINT

Post by xenopeek » Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:48 am

If you install Linux Mint from the official ISOs, you can freely advertise you are selling machines with Linux Mint. In fact, please do so :D

The best way to support/work hand in hand with the community is to be part of the community! Here are shared the various way you can do that:

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