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Marketing Campaign

Post by crazyphire » Mon Feb 04, 2013 2:10 pm


Excellent work on Mint. I've been reading a bit here and there about the upcoming mint while using Ubuntu. Finally made the switch. Best distro yet, favorite OS for that matter. For new users: once you get used to the terminal, you'll loathe using the GUI in an OS like Windows. Of course, Mac is unix-based and has the same terminal commands. I found after learning unix-based commands I'm much more efficient on my Mac as well.

Anyway, this forum is about suggestions. Linux is home to the hacker world, and by hacker that means many things (actualy infiltration, or just hacking software, or hacking scripts, finding security holes.. etc). As this is a massive worldwide community you guys must have access to video developers. What I'd like to see is some commercialism from the Linux world, esp. for MINT.

I know... I know.. nobody likes advertisements. But that's not completely true. Marketing gurus know how to mix it up and by doing so have created hundreds of well-known and highly entertaining or inspiring commercials. The same could be done for Mint. Just look at the Superbowl commercial mix-up.. it's huge and people love to see what corporations bring to the table to make them want to buy their stuff. My favorite types of ads are car ads.. one of the few advertisements I don't skip or mute.

Just take these two ads for example, made for the last two superbowls:

Mazda: Gaspocalypse
Chyrsler: Take back Detroit

Now I know the superbowl half-time commercials are far too expensive.. but Youtube is free! That being said, a lot of us don't have much better to do than watch these videos. I'd just love to see the Linux equivelant of a car commercial. Guys love their toys, and that includes computers.

I'd like to see others post commercial advertisements from Youtube or elsewhere that they find inspiring, amusing, or just plain catchy.

Thank you for your time.
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Re: Marketing Campaign

Post by Oscar799 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 12:23 pm

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