Traditional Grass Roots Promotion

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Traditional Grass Roots Promotion

Post by SC23 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 2:49 am

Since Mint is basically a technology thing, it should be assumed that things like SEO, social media, etc are a given. This post is about the other types of promotion.

I will also assume that the promotions need to be very low cost or free.

The first thing that comes to mind is local media. If you get your stuff together and wander up to the local TV or radio station there is a good chance there is a techy spot in their programming somewhere.. like the morning show, the talk radio call in show, just about any local media outlet is DYING for content, and someone knowledgeable about Mint would be a great find for these people. Cost is time and getting the info straight and together.

Another avenue is free classes. There are many places where you can set up and present free classes or simply be a speaker. One good place would be Rotary Clubs since they are not only business people with business money, but the word free is pretty big with them. Another would be recreation centers, possibly schools or even computer clubs or maybe even college groups to talk to. There are many other opportunities for this type deal depending on where you are and whats available to you.

Friends and family are always good networking..but you have to be careful not to oversell and end up the tech support for life. Maybe talking with them and giving them a live-cd to play with.

If you can get a user group going, you can start a weekly or monthly meeting at a local pub or resteraunt. Get the members to bring friends and have a beer while talking about the latest greatest goings on.. a win-win for everyone.

Theres a few ideas off the top of my head for traditional promotions..

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