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Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:45 am
by janhostdk
I don't think we need any promotion..
Evry1 knows Linux for good or bad
From Linux mint 17.1 to Linux 18 things get more "windowsuserfriendly" and easier to understand
Its free and what should be the mintmotto:
For the people and by the people...with a little help from Linus Thorvald ;)

When people hear "Linuxstuff" gets easier to install and get to work, and they don't need to fiddle with dualboots and blackscreens (as scary as blue) they'll come running
Yep the way the forum is running is VERY important
It smells and feels like new times but still very pro when You dig in
Even very hard to understand questions is handle with Diplomacy and care (y)
Very Large helpdatabase to search through
Gaming needs attention though.

Who will then wanna be running a windows 10 ..30 ?

Keep up the good work :)

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 2:41 am
by jimallyn
I have been promoting Linux since I first tried it in 2002. You know how it is when you discover a great new restaurant in town, and you want to tell all your friends about it? That's the way I feel about Linux. One of my sisters and two of my brothers are now using Linux, and another brother is starting to show some signs of interest. And several of my friends have been converted to Linux. One of the nicest things about getting your family and friends to use Linux is the amount of computer support you get asked to do drops drastically.

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:02 pm
by janhostdk
I keep a low profile bout Linux ;), redhat swallowed me, chewed and spit me out long time ago, it stll hurts becourse i wanted so bad to be a Linuxuser

So i tried diff distros trying to find my kind of Linux

From Lm 17.1 i whas ON
17.3 YES
18 WOW im where i wan't to b...for now ;)

I help some people with Pc/windows problems and making things "simple" or save what's possible and reinst.
They are gaming people that swears to windows, hard 2 turn..
Except my old dad that is fiddling with a dualboot lm 17.1/windows i installed on 1 of he's 3 computers...proud calling me about he had inst. a program-scribus
hmm better visit him in the weekend...have to show him Lm Forum and install some stuff like theme blackmate, gufw (windows users have to visual, to know things work ;), and other goodies, he'll be intensified :)
And my daughter that some day will get Linux Mint On a newer computer
She wen't to Phillipines last year, and i installed Lm 17.1 on a laptop, but it had other problems..hardware
To tell or talk to other people i don't count for promotion..but ya it is

...I had a tear in my eye when i wrote my first sound preferences for my soundcard in dos, and it worked
...I had a tear in my eye when i installed mint and it just worked
...I feel like a Linuxuser and what can beat that !

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 10:07 pm
by Tomgin5
I have been buying bootable scraptops with no hard drives, about 1 a week. 25 so far for $10 to $30 each and drop in new but relatively small SSDs or 300-750 GIG mechanicals for $20 to $40 and disassembling cleaning out the cooling system, replenishing the heat sink compound, and putting them back together with 2-3 gig of RAM before installing LM 17.3 or 18 cinnamon far I have only had 2 that did not pass muster. Motherboard and monitor with busted case, and intermittant boot with no WIFI. Most of them I have been giving to school kids through their teachers when the kids cannot afford a computer for school work. The local school is pretty upscale and when some of the well healed kids see the Linux packages they ask the teacher if they can have Linux. The teacher lets them use one of 4 live flash drives for 17.3 or 18 and 32 bit or 64 bit.
Working on getting a whole generation converted from Windows and big Mac. :mrgreen:

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 11:45 am
by janhostdk
I like yor "style" !
keep up the good work

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:04 pm
by ColonelPanic
Yes, Tomgin5 - that is really cool.
You may have inspired me to do the same.

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:57 pm
by Tomgin5
This week I am giving 2 laptops away. One a Sony Vaio with dual core centrum, the other an Acer aspire 5532-5535. Both are running 2 GB RAM with 500GB HDD. One recipient is 6 years old who is typing 100+ WPM sustained with better than 99% correct spelling. She has been reading and writing for 3 years at third to 5th grade level. The other is her 8 year old sister who has been book studying "C++" coding for a year and a half. They are both sold on Linux mint. I think they might be around the forums in a week or so. Good kids!

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Tue Feb 07, 2017 11:18 pm
by Tomgin5
Today after reassembling recycled laptops for a local non profit that both sells and gives away recycled computers with LM, i dropped in at their retail outlet. as usual they had about 40 scraptops with no HDD but some have other issues, 32 or 64 bit, slow processors, blemished cases. An Old guy (like me) was rooting around trying to find one with a good and large screen that worked good. I checked several but they were 32 bit and I was not carrying a 32 bit "live" drive in my pocket. Finally I found an old Compac that had 2 gig of Ram with an old "Vista" sticker on it. I then found a wallwart and fired it up. It booted into my LM17.3 cinnamon 64 flash. The shop salesman had a 320GB HDD (used) but no tools. I took my little screwdriver out of my pocket and installed the SATA drive in about 2 minutes. The salesman also produced a free "Live" LM18 cinnamon64 disk that I slipped into the DVD. About a dozen people were standing around watching when it booted up. Big cheers! I showed him how to follow the instructions and he installed the LM18 using the WIFI for the additions since it was not hooked up to wired internet. I left and the salesman called me after I got home. in the next half hour he sold more scraptops than he had ever sold in a day.
I am heading to Fry's tomorrow to try out some of their new computers with the live boot. They make a fortune with Windex machines.
Who knows management might want to talk to me. Possibly to ban me from the store :)
Or put me to work installing LM. :lol:

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:14 am
by janhostdk
Super ! recycle is a word that is almost forgoten/ignored in newer time
Why not have a great time installing Linux on an older pc, and give it away to a windows user or even better, one without a pc.

I just made 2 old pc's with Ubuntu /w2k and lm18/w7 that is for my brother and one of he's former girlfriends.
None of them is computer minded but they have been hooked since i gave them an old pc years back.
But both have short patience, so i have teamviewer12 running to support them.

Support is a problem.
Yes there is alot of help around Linux on the net, too much.
and the wrong help can end up very easy, with a computer that does'nt work.

a thought on old usbsticks you do'nt use anymore..
if you know about unetbooting and making a bootable usb with a linux distro on it.
(its possible to partition in more partitions to store extra stuff if the usbstick is larger than the iso)
For intro or giveaway

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 1:00 pm
by BG405
Linux Mint gets "promoted" most evenings at the local watering holes. One of my mates, who really wasn't in to computers, has changed his mind about their merits having been really impressed with the results of scanning some of his record labels, to put up for value estimates. Over 30 done within a couple of hours and not one bad scan. The thing was flaky with xp (sometimes several attempts to get a non-corrupt scan) & never worked properly with Win7, in fact last time I plugged it in it screwed up the whole OS beyond repair.

A great pleasure finding Linux drivers then taking it down the Pub to install them (no WiFi there at present, and I would otherwise have been late) and seeing a PROPER control panel, not like the one for Windows which was written for technophobes / brain donors and didn't even support the scanner's full capabilities. The one for Linux does .. right up to 2400 DPI, not limited to 300 (IIRC). Even has colour profiles for various brands of negatives and transparencies (slides), so I'll be taking some slides to scan whilst I enjoy a pint or two.

Of course sitting at the table scanning things brought some interest, as do my regular computing activities especially when working with media and artwork etc.. I also don't need to feed the swear box any more, in fact people usually think it's a fairly new machine (it does look modern) and are surprised when I tell them what its specs are, having seen how responsive it is. Videos play almost instantly, same for switching between applications. It would really fly with Xfce, but I'm using KDE and it's still a great performer.
janhostdk wrote:the wrong help can end up very easy, with a computer that does'nt work.
Like the instructions on the site where I found the drivers for my scanner! Simple mistake (missing the final "/") and in this case no harm done, but in another directory it could have screwed the system up.

IMHO not a good idea to copy & paste commands from sites other than this one and the main Mint site, without checking them first! :!:

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Mon Mar 06, 2017 12:33 pm
by Tomgin5
More giveaways this week. The church I belong to is sponsoring 2 homeless families in transitioning to living in apartments and helping find jobs etc. I donated 2 laptops with LM18.1 Cinnamon 64 and 2 GIG RAM and 320 GIG HDD with Pentium M's. Free WIFI was available for them. "WE" made the installations and updates in 2 hours setting them up with Gmail accounts. It caught on with some of the other volunteers so 6 other laptops are now dual boot. The MAC and Windex users are gradually being converted. :lol:
One of the other volunteers came up with older HP laser printers (BW) and with some hand wringing and hand holding, suitable resumes and cover letters were generated. One single mother has a new job and one father of 4 has had 4 interviews in 3 days.
Generating taxpayers!

Re: Promotion ? Linux mint ?

Posted: Fri Mar 31, 2017 6:55 pm
by Tomgin5
Still making conversions to LM at the non profit and the coffee shop. converted 3 today at the coffee shop and they were not even busy. I refurbed a bricked Asus PC 1001, a MacBook and a 3 year old Asus that had been bricked by windows this week. The little Asus is only a single core Atom N410 and took only an hour. I had a 2 GIG ram in my pocket to put in it as it only has a single socket. It booted up with a Live flash to LM 18.1 Cinnamon 64. Everything was connected to WIFI. I managed to get the MacBook to bootup to a flash drive also and it is doing the 18.1 as well. I had a USB DVD burner with me and I plugged it into the newer Asus and it ran as well. All the same OS. I keep running into owners of the Netbooks and they are easy conversions. They are so amazed at how fast they are compared to the Windex or Apple OS they were using. I am doing 6-10 conversions a week now. Even picking up some spare change. That is how I can afford to carry around some spare used RAM cards.