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Post by Mick-Cork »

Personally I think the selling points of LM should be the first thing that visitors see when they visit

Imagine you're an average computer user, someone suggests LM to you, and you head over to the website to have a quick look. How obvious is it that this is a free and popular alternative OS to Windows, MacOS etc? How far do you have to delve to start finding the advantages. We all know that you can download the ISO and install, but how about some straight up instructions "Try It Now, risk free and without uninstalling your existing OS".

Make it easier for first time visitors to understand what they're looking at. (The monthly news could have it's own 'News' section).

I'm sure there are many compelling aspects that could be presented on the home page and the above is just the gist of my thoughts. I've been using LM for 4+ years now and think it's great. It would be nice to point potential users to a site that immediately presents some USPs and reasons why they might switch over.

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Re: : redesign

Post by Pierre »

on the LinuxMint Site, there is two areas that will help any N00B:
- Home - Project - get involved:

- Home - About - About Us:

ie: it's you - their friend - that will state things like:
- "that this is a free and popular alternative OS to Windows".
- "what the Advantages / Disadvantages are, when this is installed".
- "how Microsoft Windows can make this transition - harder, to achieve".
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Re: : redesign

Post by all41 »

Hi Mick-Cork,

Yes, an introductory page-I agree.
Not everyone has a coach to explain the advantages we enjoy.
How do you envision this--what information would you present?
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Re: : redesign

Post by Mick-Cork »

Hi All41,

I'll try and come back to this once I've got enough time to do it justice. My thoughts in the meantime are along the lines:

1. The current homepage is geared towards existing (familiar) users, whereas I think it should be focussed on potential (unfamiliar) users.

2. Those unfamiliar with LM probably start with some basic questions in their heads, so immediately address those questions, eg:

a. What is Linux Mint?
"Linux Mint is a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use."

b. Can I run Linux Mint on my computer?
"If your computer has an x86 processor, 512 MB RAM (1GB for comfortable usage), 5 GB of disk space (20GB recommended), a graphics card capable of 800×600 resolution (1024×768 recommended), and a DVD drive or USB port you can run LM on your computer.

c. Can I test drive Linux Mint on my computer without affecting my current system?
"Yes you can. Everything else on your computer will stay the same, and if you decide you don't want to keep Linux after all, there's no harm done.

etc, etc, etc.

Those are just a quick, off-the-cuff, pass at this. I'll come back to it but for me the emphasis should be on appealing to people who might have heard on Linux, but have never really considered it more than that. Assume worst case in terms of knowledge, and lead them into it with simple language initially and more detailed information once their interest is piqued.


Hi Pierre,

Whilst I understand where you may be coming from, imagine you'd never heard of Linux Mint (or Linux at all for that matter) and then visit those pages.

The 'Get Involved' page plants the thought that LM is still in 'development' and needs your financial support. The use of the word 'project' subliminally takes away from the idea that LM is now a stable product.

The 'About' page hits some of the right notes, but it also leaves it open to interpretation as to whether LM is a stable product or still work in progress ("Users are encouraged to send feedback to the project so that their ideas can be used to improve Linux Mint"). It also assumes Linux familiarity for example when mentioning 'packages' and 'software managers'.

It would be interesting to hear Clem's perspective on where he thinks LM is in terms of development. Is it still a project, or is it a stable product that can be shouted about from the roof-tops. It might be the case that a slower adoption rate fits with his strategy at present, or maybe the marketing element just needs to catch up with all the work that has been done.

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Re: : redesign

Post by jimallyn »

Mick-Cork, you've got a point there. We probably should have a better introduction to Linux and Mint. Your post reminded me of an experience I had recently: I have been attending Computer Club meetings at the local Senior Center. I started mostly with the thought that I might introduce them to open source software and Linux. So, after I had attended for some time, I asked if anybody would be interested in Linux and open source software. Blanks stares. So, I waited a month or two, and asked if anybody would be interested in an OS that doesn't crash, doesn't get infected with viruses, doesn't need de-fragging or constant rebooting, comes with all the software you could want, and is completely free. That got their interest up, and I recently gave a presentation on Linux and open source which was well attended, lots of good questions were asked, and quite a few members asked if we could put Linux on the club's computer along with the Win10 that is already there. Several also wanted to know if I would help them put Linux on their computers. So yeah, we shouldn't assume that people will know what Mint is, or what Linux is, or anything like that. We should tell them about the benefits they will get.

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Re: : redesign

Post by vladtepes »

I just had a look at the site, trying to put my head in the space of a prospective but unknowledgable new user.

Not TOO hard because I'm very new at all this.

It makes pretty good sense to me. The menu is logical, the ABOUT menu obvious - and the sub menus of About Linux Mint and FAQ's are logical and easy to find.

One exception is: Project -> Get Involved. Scroll down to 'Community' click join the forum... too complex.
I think forum should be in the main menu. This would be easily resolved)
It's not even logical to click on links if looking for a forum.

The About Linux Mint covers the main points pretty well, but the terminology might be able to be improved (see jimalynn's post), or at least the order changed to focus on the key points.

So while there could be some minor fiddling done I think overall it's fine.
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