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Re: Bumper Stickers

Post by vrkalak »

LinuxMINT rocks!! with a mint leaf background, would be a great bumper sticker.
Kinda like my signature. (down there)

Come to think of it, I have never seen a Linux or alternate OS bumper sticker on a car. Of any kind?

Sounds like a plan . . . I'd buy a few. Or we could give them away. Free OpenSource bumper stickers.
I think the main Ubuntu site may have them. They have t-shirts and coffee cups.
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Re: Bumper Stickers

Post by jaqian »

Bumber stickers! yuk! I think thats mainly an American thing, don't see many people in Europe defacing their cars with bumper stickers. Now if it was a window static sticker thats a different storey :)
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