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Help with press release for Mint 8 promotion

Posted: Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:13 pm
by adamdmcbride
We need help with an official press release for Mint 8 so that the people helping in the December promotion will have an easy way of promoting Mint. The press release will be used as an article that others can copy and paste into where ever they are promoting Mint on the internet. This would be a huge help for Mint and it would be a great way to help give back to this awesome software we all enjoy for free.

Please submit the press release on this post and when clem gives the official go ahead, we will use your press release as the official press release. Any press release on this post may be used or reworded by others to build upon and make a better press release. Please don't get your feelings hurt that someone has used your work and considers it so good that they choose to reword it because the idea you had was really great but just doesn't sound right. That's how we get the best of both worlds

Also if anyone has experience in seo, it would be great if you could optimize the press release so that Mint will rank higher in the organic listing of google's and yahoo's search results.