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Postby RepElec » Thu May 20, 2010 7:48 am


We've been doing some advert focus group work, and it seems like our target audience here in America really doesn't identify with the current "From Freedom Came Elegance" slogan. For what it's worth, I personally don't care if the slogan is "Jobs and Gates Can Go F&^% Themselves" (and that was actually our unofficial favorite in one group) but I would like to make a suggestion that was not only very popular among these groups, but also seemed to get the message across that Linux was usable by the masses now.

"Linux Mint: Linux For The Rest Of Us"

I don't know about the rest of the world, but here in America Linux intimidates people. There are even IT workers here who still think Linux is a command-line-only interface, and all the general consumer knows about Linux is that they were always taught it was solely for computer geeks - and not just any kind of computer geek at that.

But those of us who use Mint (or any one of a number of other user-friendly distros) know that using Linux, from a home computing standpoint, is now a reality for just about everybody. But when manufacturers look to market something like Linux, we have to scale or blast a rather impressive wall of consumer ignorance about the product.

The current slogan, as snazzy as it is (the word "elegance" isn't used enough these days), simply doesn't convey the message that we would need to convey to get past that wall. The "freedom" portion tested well enough, but in the end we found most people were a little confused over the current slogan. "Sure, it's a free and elegant system, but is it easy to use?" they'd ask.

Then one slightly frustrated gentleman took a look at the slogan, said it was "too fancy" for his tastes, and suggested a slogan that says Linux Mint is an easy-to-use version of Linux.

Hence, the proposed slogan, for whatever it may be worth to anyone else.

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