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Postby sahilshinesalways » Fri Jun 04, 2010 10:39 pm

there is a always a emotional part of human being and some values virtues makes him attached to some 1.

ubuntu has marked a lot for this "togetherness".its free LTS free cd's always contains some video's of togetherness.i wod luv to see this feeling of togetherss promotion here drivens people a lot beleive me!
10 out of 100 people are always emotionaly driven...

some sort of video's can be provided in dvd version wod hardly take 20 mb

i have started makeing a video for that "togethrness,showing people,nature,flower blooming,but didnt added sound to it,sins my exams r on m not able to do it now,home to finish up the video in cumming days...
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