Xorg woes - mintupdate/synaptic manager

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Xorg woes - mintupdate/synaptic manager

Postby dunnie » Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:38 am

Well for the first time in ages, I have been forced this morning to do a total OS reload of Linux Mint 8 (unable to use Mint 9, as Xorg/Xserver is just too buggy to make it usable - tried, with various edger ppa updates, but with no success). My synaptic manager decided to update Xorg and associated drivers to the latest version late last night, which was fine, until I started my pc this morning - greeted with a Xserver crash message, and a message to use the default fallback Xserver configuration- which also didn't work. I suspect it was because I was using a backport version of the Xserver-Intel driver (version 2.4 rather than version 2.9 which ships with Linux Mint 8/9) - because of a similar issue with Linux Mint 9 (the default version 2.9 is unworkable on my dell dimension).

So if anyone out there is also using the version 2.4 of the xserver-intel driver,I would seriously suggest not updating Xorg, unless you want to do a complete OS reload...

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Re: Xorg woes - mintupdate/synaptic manager

Postby remoulder » Mon Jul 19, 2010 6:41 pm

So why are you posting this in bugs? As you clearly installed (possibly) unstable (edgers) and older drivers, this cannot be considered a bug in the released version.
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