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Mint 12: MATE suspend=hang

Posted: Tue May 15, 2012 7:49 pm
by trg818
I have a desktop computer on which Mint 12 is installed, and the desktop used by all normal users is MATE. Except for the first user added when I installed the machine (or so I recall), none of the users can successfully suspend the machine and wake it up after some time - when going into suspend, the machine will always freeze, apparently at the stage when checking battery status (which obviously doesn't make a lot of sense on a desktop that is always connected to power), and it keeps running. The only remedy in this situation is to reboot the machine.
Is this a known problem (I didn't quite find a problem description that matches these symptoms after some googling)? Am I supposed to do something different, or is this a bug that will hopefully be fixed in the upcoming Maya?