Software raid and os change

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Software raid and os change

Postby oeeve » Tue Jul 24, 2012 5:50 pm


Im currently running Mint 12, with a bunch of discs (6x2Tb) in software raid 5. The mint os is located on its own separate 1Tb disc.
Would it in any way be possible to clean install a new os i.e ubuntu server, on the 1Tb os disc, and still be able to locate the raid-disc setup? (which currently looks like one huge mounted disc).

My motherboard does contain some sort of raid support, but I'm quite sure its also just some kind of software raid ( I used it once on windows, and did the raid setup in some contralpanel right after bios launch) (Though in Mint i did the raid setup using the default onboard "disk utility" thing.

My lacking technical knowledge and intuition tells me the software raid setup is controlled by the os, and so will crash and die when I remove and install another os?
But I hope I'm wrong, caus it would be sweet if it was possible=D

Thanks for your time and help! ;)

Always the best,

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Re: Software raid and os change

Postby mintybits » Wed Jul 25, 2012 5:50 am

ubuntu and mint are the same when it comes to raid so your raid array should mount ok. Test it using a live CD and install raid.

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