Laptop Heat

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Laptop Heat

Post by Raed667 »


I have an ACER Aspire 5750G with an i3 intel CPU and dual grap-card (1 - intel(VGA) / 2- nvidia GT540M) both detected by my MINT15 ...

The thing is that the computer heats !! A LOT! it burns and the cooler is always on with lots of sound !!! :(

any help please ...

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Re: Laptop Heat

Post by TBABill »

Did you load the proprietary driver for the nVidia or are you running the open source driver? I'm not sure how well the open source drivers work lately, but they had issues in older releases with throttling. They generally kept the GPU running at max speed, which was a huge cause of heat. If you haven't installed the proprietary driver, is one available you can try? I'm just guessing at the heat problem, but that's big one. Flash is another issue that causes heat rapidly.

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Re: Laptop Heat

Post by homerscousin »

There are lots of posts here about laptops overheating. Read em. I don't own a laptop, but here is my opinion. And this actually applies to my Intel hd4000 graphics. Power management in Linux is not where we would want it to be. GPU frequency control is not where we would want it to be. Read some of these Phoronix tests where they can't seem to get the integrated graphics to run at full frequency because of driver code etc. This is a pain. This is Linux. Read, get lucky, and find a work-a-round. Rebutt me anyone.
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Re: Laptop Heat

Post by excollier »

Yeah, I've noticed that since I changed to linux based operating systems, both my laptops run significantly hotter than with Windows.
This is particularly noticeable when running Flash video on YouTube or similar. only this morning I installed a utility called Psensor from the repos and saw my cpus were running at 94 deg C, that's hot. I cleaned out the fan last night, so it's not a dust or dirt issue.
I raised the laptop up from the flat position, and it seems to have helped, it now runs at around 80 deg, but that's still on the high side, but better.
Without running video it's at around 65 deg, so elevating the machine certainly helps, to do it I cut a small rubber ball in half and put the two pieces under the rear of the machine to get a little more air under there, and lift it off the heated surface. ( a squash ball would be ideal, or wine corks like I saw elsewhere on the web)
More than that I cannot do, and I won't be using Windows too often.
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