please advise and help me if you can

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please advise and help me if you can

Postby setgears » Sun Sep 15, 2013 6:32 pm

Please foregive me if this off topic.I am from a former communist country where since my college days at university have made it a point to read other sources of news reporting besides those of the bolshevik communist controlled mass media. that is read other sources of news such as western media let it be bbc world news, voice of america. radio free europe, radio luxembourg, new york times, london times or whatever.ii have continued to access other sources of news other that the american controlled mass media of abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, new york times, wsj and etc as i want to exercise my right to be informed and not be one of the sheep or a "goyishe kup". i want to research other sources of news so that i can get an unbiased news reporting and not be told what to think or do by certain groups or government that what is stated is god's unbiased reporting.that is why i rely on other sources of news on the internet such as "", "," "". in doing so in the past years i have come down where the hard drives slowed down to a trickle, came down with viruses, the computer mother board went bad, the hard drive went bad. the computer slows sown, becomes unresponsive, and crashes. that happened to me when i had microsoft windows then.
i was advised to try to use linux windows as i was told that it is impervious to viruses and spyware. i have been using ubuntu for two years now and had no problems until a few weeks ago. the computer slows down to a crawl, becomes unresponsive and then crashes on me.

this happens to me now everytime i go to "" or " " and other sites. I have to take the hard drive out and re download a fresh copy of ubuntu and it seems to work for a while then it slows down and crashes within a week or two.
i was advise by one of the group members to try "linuxmint". so i tried it and downloaded it on the computer. it seemed to work for a while until i access "" windows" or similar sites.
please advise if this is maybe something more serious such as my computer board is infected, is it that it is generated by my internet service provider or is it something like my service is interupted by an outside source by nsa or someother entity?

thank you for your time in reading this message and would greatly appreciated your advice on this topic.

ps: when the computer slows down a get a message that is downloading

then i get a message that : you have an unresponsive script running,
: A script on this page maybe busy or it may have stopped responding

or something like that

then it crashes on me altogether.

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Re: please advise and help me if you can

Postby Habitual » Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:44 pm

Stay away from "" or " " for a "week or two" and see if the system crashes?

What does /var/log/* show happened to the system?
Have you tried adding another user to the system and logging in as that new user and then see if the issue persists for the new user as well?

You tried noscript and Adblock Plus on your browser?

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Re: please advise and help me if you can

Postby WharfRat » Sun Sep 15, 2013 11:28 pm


One way to narrow it down to the browser is to move the .mozilla folder in your home directory and see if things return to normal.

Close firefox, open the terminal application and enter;

Code: Select all

mv .mozilla/ .mozilla.bak/

then see how the browser performs.

You will loose all of your bookmarks, but it will let you know if your problem is only browser related.

You can always move it back with

Code: Select all

rm -r .mozilla/

Code: Select all

mv .mozilla.bak/ .mozilla/

Good luck :wink:
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Re: please advise and help me if you can

Postby setgears » Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:12 pm

my computer has crashed for the third time after i access such a site as, or rense. the last time happened today after i tried to post a comment on the system froze up, seized up and a notice pops up that the system has crashed and request to report this system crash.

this is what first appeared on the screan after i tried to access


A Script on this page maybe busy or it may have Stopped Responding. You can continue to see if the Script will Complete.

SCRIPT: HTTP:// ... fCN.js:101

After the computer CRASHED i went in and re-downloaded the linuxMint operating system onto the computer again.

Maybe someone can explain this?

Also i have noticed that my email messages on com are deposited "THREE DAYS" late. Also I noticed that certain email messages emailed out from my yahoo email accounts "DO NOT SEEM" to get to their intended destinations. I tried to get in touch with yahoo but they respond very late and ask me to give them the details that i mailed and sent out the messages but they never espond after that.

Also has closed out my 5 email accounts for some reason. Just last friday I was denied access to my last account with a notice that "I HAVE to PROVIDE them with my phone number to acces my account.

Please advise if you can.

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Postby Lingula » Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:45 pm

Hotmail has had security problems in the past. The notice from them is either a response to a general security issue (most likely) or has something to do with your account specifically (less likely).

1. Make sure Java is disabled in your browser. 2. Try a different browser. 3. If the above doesn't work, then stop visiting those specific sites.

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