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Backup Windows 7 data files to a Linux partition? [SOLVED]

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:30 pm
by runbei
Having read about the recent scary Trojan that encrypts datafiles and demands a $300 ransom, I'm wondering if this would be a good security step: back up all Windows data to an external hard drive that is formatted as ext4. And maybe do the backups from Linux using some kind of encrypted backup.

Am I right in guessing this would not only offer the security of backing up data on a drive that is not normally connected and turned on, but it would also save the files in a format that's impenetrable by a Windows-targeting Trojan?

I'm looking to be smugly secure about my data, but there's always a chance I'm overlooking something. (Casual but enthusiastic Mint user since Mint 3 - Cassandra.)

Re: Backup Windows 7 data files to a Linux partition?

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:15 pm
by Orbmiser
Easiest for me it just do a standard partition backup of my Win7 partition to Ntfs external usb.
Can use Clonezilla or my fav is an easier Redo Backup. [url][/url]
Also backup my Linux partitions there. Doing regular backups for me equates to about once a month is the best protection.

Then if the Win7 partition gets hijacked,borked,etc... can overwrite the partition wiping out any ransom bug or other.
There is no need to encrypt or backup to a ext4 as personally find Ntfs more flexible on multiple OS if I take drive with me.
Not all OS can read ext4 partitions out of the box.

If your hardrive dies all together. You won't be able to restore to new drive with all that extra encryption and from a ext4 will be harder unless you install the linux partitions first. With Clonezilla or Redo backup LiveCD you can select what partitions to install from the external usb and would think they may handle ext4 but not encrypted?

As you will have to install All the partitions including linux first to access your backup encrypted ext4 scheme. A easier way is just use Clonezilla or Redo Backup. Backup Win7 by itself then the Linux partitions separate and I always do a full 4 partition Win7,Winxp and / /home partitions complete backup once in awhile.

That way I can restore just Windows7 or just my / and /home linux as my needs require.

Re: Backup Windows 7 data files to a Linux partition?

Posted: Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:34 pm
by runbei
Thank you. VERY glad I asked. Excellent advice, and I'm grateful for the heads-up to a reliable backup program. Will mark this solved.