Has anyone tried the Avant Window Navigator for gnome?

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Has anyone tried the Avant Window Navigator for gnome?

Postby ambertone » Mon Mar 26, 2007 9:03 am

Has anyone install and tried this, it's looks nice as I find the standard Gnome toolbar a bit bland. This looks a bit OSX to me?




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Postby Rittsel » Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:20 am

Nope, but now when i've seen it i will try it ;)

I'll let you know.


I installed it, and it didnt look very nice. I just found that it needs a compositing window manager (ex. beryl) to use it.

I dont want neither beryl or compiz since it doesnt work as it should for me, or just stops working all of a sudden. :)

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Has anyone tried the Avant Window Navigator for gnome?

Postby nick » Mon Mar 26, 2007 11:58 am


If you really want to look lke OSX :) (or not)


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Postby telic » Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:40 pm

I tried it with Bianca, just now.

The AWN install is the usual painless Debian process.

AWN put a little panel at the bottom of my desktop, and loaded that panel with one icon for each of the applications that I opened. The icons do a little hop when the cursor passes over them, but it really isn't much of a show.

What I dislike about AWN is that I couldn't find any type of control or configuration panel for it, nor any way to Quit. There is a way, but I didn't see where or how. Also, AWN is resource hungry, causing my desktop to be less peppy.

If your PC has plenty of horsepower, and you really need a KDE-esque kick, then go for AWN. I used Synaptic to remove AWN.

While I was in the mood to load Smurfy apps with reckless abandon, I gave the Kiba-Dock a whirl.

Kiba-Dock installation involves compiling a bunch of source files, manually invoking shell scripts, so I was pleased to see Kiba run exactly as advertised. This kind of install might panic the typical MS Windows refugee.

Kiba serves a similar function as AWN, with animated launch icons, but Kiba is much fancier. It has a control panel that looks similar to Beryl Manager, with lots of stuff to tinker. I was surprised by how quickly I started to make (and enjoy) casual use of Kiba, which is designed to play nice with Beryl.

Yeah, Kiba also made my desktop bling less peppy, but not as much as AWN. And Kiba's convenience and appeal make its overhead rather negligible. But, I'll use Kiba for a bit before deciding if it's a keeper when I reinstall Bianca in a day or two (a recent dual-boot installation of Ubuntu Feisty Beta molested my Bianca, so she's dancing with a limp).

There's a video showing Kiba-Dock with Beryl on Ubuntu Edgy (Bianca's sibling) at YouTube.

Funny, that Microsoft specs say my PC is only modestly qualified for running their Vista AERO 3D desktop, yet my 3 year-old computer with Linux can do everything shown in that video, with ease, including the TV signal playing full-screen on all faces of the Beryl cube.


Linux Mint 2.2 (Bianca)
GNOME 2.16.1, Beryl 0.2.0, nVidia driver 9755
AMD Athlon XP2200+
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ATI TV Wonder VE (Bt878)
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