Can't stop linux mint monitor shutting off

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Can't stop linux mint monitor shutting off

Post by irjowo99 »

I have Mint 16 Petra on my 2002 gateway pentium 4 desktop.

It turns the monitor off after about ten minutes of inactivity. It slowly dims, then shuts off, and I have to press a key, then enter my password to get back in.

Sometimes if I have a video running, the monitor won't shut off. Sometimes it will.

When it doesn't shut off, if I move the mouse after a long time, the monitor will then shut off!

I've tried using the "power management" application in the menu to tell the computer to "never put computer to sleep." and to "never" turn off the display.

I also used the "startup application" option in the menu, and I turned off the power management daemon.

None of this has solved the problem
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Re: Can't stop linux mint monitor shutting off

Post by Aristotelian »

Install the application Caffeine, then add Caffeine to the list of applications that starts on boot.
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