My first install

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My first install

Postby RheinholdsMonkey » Tue Apr 03, 2007 3:42 pm

Install went very smooth Bianca
nice clean....everything detected
choose a clean install on a 160 gig drive and let it do it thing

not familiar with gnome..but used KDE since early days of Mandrake
not really technical just a user...tried lots of distros over the years

very cool and excellent work...

but a need a little help
I have a second Harddrive slaved...the partition manger sees it
I want to copy the data off it to the primary drive
so I can format it and use it under Bianca...

how do I mount the drive...I cant remember what distro was on the drive
but it wouldn't have been M$ as I have been fat free since the halloween papers....

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Postby NiksaVel » Wed Apr 04, 2007 6:51 am

first create a directory, preferably in your home directory and call it however you want, i.e. backuphdd

so this will be:

Code: Select all


than take a look at what is the name of the hdd partition you want to mount (you can see this in partition editor, i.e. gparted)...

let's call it hdb1

you will mount hdb1 in the previously created directory with the following command:

Code: Select all

sudo mount /dev/hdb1 /home/yourusername/backuphdd

I think I got that right :)

If you want to have it permanantly mounted at boot time, than you need to edit your fstab (/etc/fstab)

If you need to mount windows partitions, here is how:

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