Upgrading kernel

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Upgrading kernel

Post by gordonbp »

Currently on Kernel 3.16.0-38
Is there any benefit to upgrading to a 4.xx version and if so which one?

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Re: Upgrading kernel

Post by Shryp »

If you open the update manager you can click view and then view kernels to see what is pre packaged and easy to install. They only have 3.13, 3.16 and 3.19 there.
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Re: Upgrading kernel

Post by Cosmo. »

If an kernel upgrade does bring any benefits depends from your hardware. It can also bring the contrary. So you should do this only, if there is a need for upgrading. Do you miss anything? Doesn't seem so, otherwise I would expect, that you would have written about it.
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Re: Upgrading kernel

Post by MtnDewManiac »

gordonbp wrote:Is there any benefit to upgrading to a 4.xx version
As that is (presumably) the entire point of creating new versions of things, the answer would generally be "absolutely." As to the question you meant to ask, "Is there any benefit to YOU, specifically," it depends (in large part) on what YOUR hardware is. We cannot give you a guaranteed truthful to that question without knowing what your hardware is and reading the various 4.x kernels' release notes. As you (again, presumably) have the knowledge about what specific hardware you have, why not read the release notes?

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