ICEAUTHORITY and delete the locked account help

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ICEAUTHORITY and delete the locked account help

Post by waunk557 » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:09 pm


I've been having the ICEAUTHORITY problem for a whilte on my newer computer. Cannot seem to get it fixed. Locking my 1st and main account. :evil:

IS there a safe way to delete this account that is locked by ICEAUTHORITY? Need to delete this account to get my 300gb back. It is locking about 300gb or so. Not going to install a new distro just yet. Basically, /home/ has 0mb left atm, so I'd really like to get my 300gb space back to use. Cannot install anything, cannot use most programs or update. :D

If I manage to delete this 1st and main account that is locked, do I need to copy the chmod chown rights to the other user account I've made?

Are there any working ways to fix the Iceauthority problem ? I have some old docs I'd like to get back and some old blender crap too, but been unable to access it. Tried a lot of guides online, but no go.

thanks for the help.

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Re: ICEAUTHORITY and delete the locked account help

Post by karlchen » Fri Oct 20, 2017 4:27 pm

Hello, waunk557.

You are quite sure that the error message which you receive about .ICEauthority is not an error which is caused by the fact that your /home filesystem has got no more free space left?

Can you login on one of the pseudo console monitors - accessible by pressing <ctrl><alt><f1> ... <ctrl><alt><f6> - and cleanup a little bit of space inside your $HOME so that logging into the GUI should be possible again?
Of course on the console monitors you are restricted to the commandline to do whatever is necessary to free up some space.

Alternatively, you could boot the machine from a Mint livesystem, navigate to your internal harddisk, locate your /home filesystem on the harddisk and cleanup so that booting from harddisk and logging into the GUI should be possible again.

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