Git passphrase auth cached for RSA not ed25519?

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Git passphrase auth cached for RSA not ed25519?

Post by jonmithe » Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:49 am


Git / terminal works as expected with an RSA key, but not an ed25519 one -- wondering if anyone can help me figure out whats going on / fix it?

With the RSA on in my terminal it prompts me for the keyphrase on first use, then caches the auth so other subsequent uses I dont need the passphrase. If I close or open a new terminal, first use it prompts again for the passphrase and nothing past that, this is perfect. Exactly like how sudo works.

With the ed key I enter the passphrase but it never caches anything -> prompting for a password on every git operation with origin. This is rather annoying.

Most people say to use an ssh-agent, but I dont want to cache the key or deal with the problem of running 1 agent or trying to tie it to a session of some sorts / i.e. agent here seems very OTT. Other suggestions I've seen are the git caching stuff but I dont want to cache my credentials, especially the plain text store... Either way RSA key work fine, so confused why this isnt working for the ed25519 key.

I'm not sure how this works with Git / the terminal, I suspect first passphrase request git is getting a signed token for that session pegged to the terminal? So ongoing auth is handled till it either expires or you use it from another terminal / process?

Any idea why this would be working for the RSA key and not the ed25519 key?


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