What is Mint's current "official" recommendation about updates?

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Re: What is Mint's current "official" recommendation about updates?

Post by clem » Fri May 04, 2018 11:54 am

Above that there is the case, where a member of the dev team took the impudence to write in the public to insult me and no one of the officials felt the need to calm him down. Perhaps they had fear. I tell you: I don't. With this event the top of the iceberg has been reached. It lead to the result, that I stopped each activity at GH/LM.
I didn't see that. Did you get personal with him/her the same way you did here with me? Maybe that got him/her annoyed.

I go through a lot of feedback and I work on Mint a lot, every day, with many people. I enjoy the huge majority of these interactions. I've read you before because I know your nickname, but I couldn't tell you more about you. I don't really know you at all. I couldn't tell you what we last talked about, what your last comment was, whether I answered it or not, it's completely irrelevant to me because we don't have that relationship, we cannot have it considering the number of people involved.

I'll tell you something which might help you in the future though. You're too personal. You know me too well, you're scrutinizing my commits on github, the time it takes me to publish an FF update...etc and I don't know you at all. You're judging my work and making disturbing assumptions about my intentions. You feel entitled to tell me what my priorities should be or how to use my time and then you accuse me of doing it to you too. You're ready to explode right here on these forums right? I've no interest in this.

You mentioned you didn't like being ignored. This kind of interaction right here, is not constructive. When answered, it usually either leads to conflict, departure or a lock/ban. I really don't see the point in it. I personally avoid it whenever I can.

Good luck Cosmo. We're all gonna die, you know right? This here, we're doing for fun. Have more fun than that in the little time we've got left.

Next time you see me "not" backport something or "not" reply to somebody's comment, please be assured that it isn't "done" with malice. It's just me enjoying what I do and having no clue you're disliking it so much.


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