kern.log and syslog file eating up the / (root) space after kernel update or

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kern.log and syslog file eating up the / (root) space after kernel update or

Post by setiawanhu » Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:38 am

This is the first time i'm posting on this forum after using Linux Mint for almost more than a year! :D

I have information to share you guys, and maybe you also experience the same thing as I am.

I was updating the linux mint on my laptop from 18.3 to 19.0. Before, it was run smoothly. I was searching for the problem that I can't suspend my laptop like i usually do in 18.3. Before, I usually update my Linux kernel to solve the problem (in 18.3, it works!).

But when i update my linux kernel right after I update to 19.0, I was fine for a while (several hours). Then I shocked by the notification that my / (root) partition is suddenly full (my root partition size is arround 25 GB and has 3-5 GB free space before). I open the disk usage analyzer and found my /var directory has huge size. After that, my laptop is really slow and I even can't do anything! (can't shut down, can't open terminal, can't close any app, etc)

After I hard reset my laptop (before I know the Magic SysRq key thing, you know, the "Raising Elephants Is Utterly Boring" key combination), then i can't even login to my GUI system (lightdm boot loop). I can only login into my virtual terminal. I didn't realize the log files problem, i just focus on finding the way how to make me can login again, but I can't. Right after I fix the boot loop problem, the boot loop came again. So I decided to reinstall the Linux Mint with higher / (root) partition space.

After installing, I update the kernel again. Then suddenly I face the same problem! I googling for a while and then I found out that my /var directory also has a huge size. I look into the /var/log file using:

Code: Select all

ls -Ssh /var/log 
And found that the syslog and kern.log file has the highest size, both of them has arround 25 GB file size each! I take a look at the last 10 messages on syslog, 10 of them writes:
... unreadahead[349] .... ignored relative path
on kern.log:
KERN: .....
I forgot about the kern.log one, but that's the time that i realize there's something wrong about the kernel. So I decided to restore my system using Timeshift (Thank God! There's Timeshift!)

Maybe you guys has the same problem?
Best Regards!

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Re: kern.log and syslog file eating up the / (root) space after kernel update or

Post by catweazel » Thu Jul 12, 2018 2:22 am

Go back to kernel 4.15.0-23.
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