Restore all settings to default [solved]

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Restore all settings to default [solved]

Post by deanr72 » Sat Sep 15, 2018 6:59 am


I've looked through many threads about this using the search function on this forum but there doesn't seem to be anywhere near a definite answer to the question I have.

What actually happens on Mint (cinnamon 18.3, for example) when you: panel > right click > troubleshoot > restore all settings to default

Does this just reset the look of the OS? Does it uninstall anything or make some programs stop working? Is it likely to screw up wi-fi connection? Restore to older kernal versions? Remove plank settings? Delete browser data? Change the desktop wallpaper? Log-in passwords?

Imagine you've deleted something from the default (a wallpaper image, an old kernal, original icon sets) is this going to cause irreparable damage resulting in the need for a fresh install?

Possibly the list is endless but I think it would be a good idea to at least compile some kind of comprehensive list for those thinking of doing such a thing to solve one issue or another - especially if it's likely that it will create many more issues instead.
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Re: Restore all settings to default

Post by smurphos » Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:09 am

In Cinnamon it runs this command

gsettings reset-recursively org.cinnamon

This basically resets all of the cinnamon desktop specific settings to the out of the box value, panel modifications, desktop theme, effects, applets. extensions, desklets etc. Here's a list of those settings. Most but not all relate to settings accessible via the preferences GUI.

See also - ... gs-(dconf)

Nb - dconf is an alternative CLI command to gsettings for interacting with the backend settings database via CLI

It is safe to run but a log out and login is recommended after using it.

Code: Select all

$ gsettings list-recursively org.cinnamon
org.cinnamon overview-corner ['DEPRECATED']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-minimize-transition 'easeInSine'
org.cinnamon number-workspaces 0
org.cinnamon desklet-snap true
org.cinnamon development-tools true
org.cinnamon panels-scale-text-icons ['1:true', '2:false', '3:true']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-maximize-effect 'scale'
org.cinnamon prevent-focus-stealing true
org.cinnamon no-adjacent-panel-barriers true
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-minimize-effect 'scale'
org.cinnamon device-aliases ['/org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT0:=Hewlett-Packard Primary']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-on-menus true
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-map-time 250
org.cinnamon run-dialog-aliases @as []
org.cinnamon panels-resizable ['1:false', '2:false', '3:false']
org.cinnamon panels-height ['1:35', '2:35']
org.cinnamon edge-flip-delay 1000
org.cinnamon panels-show-delay ['1:0', '2:100', '3:0']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects true
org.cinnamon alttab-minimized-aware false
org.cinnamon desklet-snap-interval 25
org.cinnamon workspace-osd-x 50
org.cinnamon workspace-osd-y 50
org.cinnamon panel-launchers ['DEPRECATED']
org.cinnamon alttab-switcher-delay 100
org.cinnamon extension-cache-updated 1535868069
org.cinnamon bring-windows-to-current-workspace false
org.cinnamon enabled-extensions ['watermark@germanfr']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-map-transition 'easeOutSine'
org.cinnamon desklet-cache-updated 1535868009
org.cinnamon enabled-applets ['', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'panel1:left:5:weather@mockturtl:17', '', '', '', '', '', '', '', 'panel1:right:20:spices-notifier@germanfr:28', 'panel1:right:22:capture@rjanja:29', '', '', '', '', 'panel1:left:0:Cinnamenu@json:34', '', '']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-minimize-time 250
org.cinnamon panels-hide-delay ['1:0', '2:100', '3:0']
org.cinnamon enabled-search-providers ['', 'google@smurphos']
org.cinnamon enable-app-monitoring true
org.cinnamon saved-im-presence 1
org.cinnamon alttab-switcher-style 'coverflow'
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-maximize-transition 'easeInBack'
org.cinnamon workspace-osd-visible true
org.cinnamon favorite-apps ['google-chrome.desktop', 'chrome-edmijkelpnflahpdblkkobimcplcgmgj-Default.desktop', 'org.keepassxc.KeePassXC.desktop', 'geany.desktop', 'meld.desktop', 'rhythmbox.desktop', 'virtualbox.desktop', 'synaptic.desktop', 'mintupdate.desktop', 'cinnamon-settings-themes.desktop', 'gnome-terminal.desktop', 'nemo.desktop']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-unmaximize-effect 'scale'
org.cinnamon disabled-open-search-providers @as []
org.cinnamon show-snap-osd true
org.cinnamon show-tile-hud true
org.cinnamon desktop-layout ''
org.cinnamon panel-edit-mode false
org.cinnamon next-applet-id 51
org.cinnamon cinnamon-settings-advanced false
org.cinnamon run-dialog-show-completions true
org.cinnamon enabled-desklets ['devTools@scollins:1:50:75']
org.cinnamon enable-edge-flip false
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-style 'scale'
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-unmaximize-time 100
org.cinnamon demands-attention-ignored-wm-classes ['skype', 'viber', 'quassel', 'retroshare', 'psi-plus', 'kadu', 'pidgin']
org.cinnamon desklet-decorations 1
org.cinnamon alttab-switcher-enforce-primary-monitor false
org.cinnamon panel-launchers-draggable true
org.cinnamon saved-session-presence 0
org.cinnamon panels-autohide ['1:false', '2:true']
org.cinnamon enable-vfade true
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-map-effect 'scale'
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-tile-time 100
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-tile-effect 'scale'
org.cinnamon looking-glass-history @as []
org.cinnamon panel-scale-text-icons true
org.cinnamon date-format 'YYYY-MM-DD'
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-on-dialogs true
org.cinnamon alttab-switcher-show-all-workspaces true
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-unmaximize-transition 'easeOutBounce'
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-tile-transition 'easeInBack'
org.cinnamon next-desklet-id 4
org.cinnamon show-media-keys-osd 'medium'
org.cinnamon panel-resizable false
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-close-time 250
org.cinnamon active-display-scale 1
org.cinnamon enable-indicators false
org.cinnamon workspace-expo-view-as-grid true
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-close-transition 'easeInBack'
org.cinnamon workspace-osd-duration 400
org.cinnamon hotcorner-layout ['expo:true:250', 'scale:true:250', 'cinnamon-screensaver-command -l:true:250', 'desktop:true:250']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-close-effect 'scale'
org.cinnamon applet-cache-updated 1535867972
org.cinnamon panels-enabled ['1:0:top', '2:0:left']
org.cinnamon desktop-effects-maximize-time 100
org.cinnamon startup-animation true
org.cinnamon workspace-name-overrides ['DEPRECATED']
org.cinnamon command-history ['', 'pkexec lightdm-settings', 'cinnamon-screensaver', 'xkill', 'pkill nemo-desktop', 'nemo-desktop', '', 'r']
org.cinnamon.sounds logout-enabled true
org.cinnamon.sounds map-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/map.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds unplug-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/unplug.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds map-enabled false
org.cinnamon.sounds maximize-enabled false
org.cinnamon.sounds login-enabled true
org.cinnamon.sounds switch-enabled true
org.cinnamon.sounds logout-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/logout.ogg'
org.cinnamon.sounds notification-enabled false
org.cinnamon.sounds tile-enabled true
org.cinnamon.sounds login-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/login.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds minimize-enabled false
org.cinnamon.sounds plug-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/plug.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds close-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/close.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds maximize-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/maximize.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds switch-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/switch.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds tile-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/tile.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds unplug-enabled true
org.cinnamon.sounds close-enabled false
org.cinnamon.sounds notification-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/notification.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds plug-enabled true
org.cinnamon.sounds minimize-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/minimize.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds unmaximize-file '/usr/share/mint-artwork/sounds/unmaximize.oga'
org.cinnamon.sounds unmaximize-enabled false
org.cinnamon.theme theme-cache-updated 1535867921
org.cinnamon.theme name 'Cinnamox-Rhino'
org.cinnamon.recorder pipeline ''
org.cinnamon.recorder file-extension 'webm'
org.cinnamon.recorder framerate 15
org.cinnamon.keyboard activation-mode 'on-demand'
org.cinnamon.keyboard keyboard-position 'bottom'
org.cinnamon.keyboard keyboard-type 'fullscale'
org.cinnamon.keyboard keyboard-size 3
org.cinnamon.desklets.launcher launcher-list @as []
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Re: Restore all settings to default

Post by deanr72 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:33 am

Thanks for answering this question, smurphos - very useful info.

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