[SOLVED] Some questions about Mint XFCE

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[SOLVED] Some questions about Mint XFCE

Post by j1nz6 » Wed Oct 24, 2018 9:15 am

Hello guys, I'm probably going to install an XFCE distro both on my desktop and my laptop, because any of them has pretty good specs!
I wanted to ask what is the difference of Mint XFCE being a community release and not an "official" one!? Does it make it more unstable or buggy? (stupid question, I know) Just wondering.
Also, I study computer science, so I thing Mint XFCE will probably be the distro (and DE) with more stability for coding and daily usage as well, I'm I right?
Last but not list, I wanted to ask because I used Mint 19 XFCE and found them really buggy, I was going to install Linux Mint 18.3 XFCE, that I've used and I absolutely adore, at least until Mint 19.3 come out and hopefully those bugs are fixed! But is that the right way to go? Won't by using an older version miss anything that's important to have?
Thanks in advance, and sorry for those damp questions, I just wanted to ask. :wink:
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Re: Some questions about Mint XFCE

Post by xenopeek » Wed Oct 24, 2018 11:15 am

Where are you getting that Linux Mint Xfce is a community release? It started out as that many, many years ago but it's been a Linux Mint maintained edition for a long time now. It is no different from the Cinnamon or MATE release today.

As for stability for developers there's no difference with other editions other than your personal preferences. If you have a very low end system you may prefer Xfce because it uses a little less resources.

For development I myself would prefer Linux Mint 19 so as to not get stuck with the 3 year old Ubuntu 16.04 as a target for your development (the package base for Linux Mint 18.3). Previously you switched to Linux Mint 19 MATE but didn't share enough details about "laggy" Xfce for others to help on that.

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