Xbox One Controller Left Stick mouse

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Xbox One Controller Left Stick mouse

Post by ONIB312 » Thu Nov 15, 2018 9:48 pm

Hello! To whoever is reading this, and hopefully helping thank you.

So, I decided to try and get my xbox one bluetooth controller to work with minecraft. I have connected the controller via bluetooth no problem, and have downloaded AntiMicro to map and program the buttons.

The Problem:
As soon as I connected the controller (Before downloading antimicro) the left stick was immediately programmed to move the mouse. However, once you let go of the stick the mouse returns to the center. Then I downloaded anti-micro to program the controller for minecraft. All works there, except the left stick. No matter what I program it to do, it continues to function like it did when I first connected the controller. The result is that in minecraft (I'm planning on using the left stick to look)
once it is moved, you instantly look down and jitter a lot. But when you use the mouse, the camera in-game works fine. When the right stick is programmed to look around, the camera functions perfectly fine.
What I believe the problem is that the pre-set left stick function is interfering and or over ridding antimicro. Drivers for the controller seem to have no issue, as every other function works on it. Just the left stick seems to be set as a mouse within Linux Mint. Any way of disabling this function in mint? Maybe I could disable a driver, the one causing the left stick to serve as a mouse?

Thanks for the help!

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