Version 19.1 and printing - confused?

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Version 19.1 and printing - confused?

Post by bigbirdwpg »

I have a home network. I have 3 Printers, all cat5 connection (ethernet). They are, an HP P3005DN, an HP CP1215 and a Brother MFC7460DN. I could not get any of them to work with Linuxmint 19.1 . Sending a printjob resulted in either an error message or job completed message, but no output. I installed Linuxmint 18.3, no problems printing.

I liked everything else about 19.1 but without the ability to print it is somewhat useless to me. Has anyone else encountered this?

I don't want to hear about weird fixes that require facing the east and spinning around clockwise 3 time while reciting biblical phrases. It should just work.

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Re: Version 19.1 and printing - confused?

Post by srq2625 »

I know nothing about Brother printers, but I've created a short tutorial for installing HP drivers. It includes a section for installing from the LM repo and, for those printers not supported by that driver (the tutorial show how to determine that as well), it includes the step-by-step to install the required driver from HP source code. Take a look at the post linked in my signature - maybe it will help.

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