Change encryption options on LUKS drive

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Change encryption options on LUKS drive

Post by Scott65 »

I'm still using 17.2 because I hate change and I have too much "stuff" to reinstall. lol

I have a LUKS HD that for some reason automatically retrieves the password from the key-ring to unlock each time I mount it. Great... why did I pick such a "great" password in the first place again?

I want to have to use the password each time I mount the HD. If I use the "disks" GUI util, there's a place for auto encryption options, and I want to turn it off / change, but it won't accept my admin password. (great again)

So, can someone tell me what the password is, or how to retrieve it from the gnome key-ring? Which I also tried to look up through preferences->keys and passwords, but of course I can't find anything there other than Chrome /Chromium passwords, and my admin password won't work to unlock the "Gnome2 Key Storage". (great again again)

I also looked at "secret-tools" but it's useless unless unless the password was stored using it in the first place. (As far as I can tell). (great again x3)

Thanks for any help.
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