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Linux 19.1 Freezes at Random

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 8:17 am
by spnoe
Random freezing seems to becoming a regular problem with Mint. About a year ago I had the same problem and it went on for some time. I thought it was dodgy memory card but no it turned out to be a problem with Mint, after an update all went back to normal. Now for the last 2 weeks, after I updated Mint 19 the problem reappeared. No problem with Ubuntu or Windows 10 or other Desktops such as Solus or Sparky.
I have been using Mint for many years and always told others who were interested to go with Mint, its reliable. No more. I think I will be moving on to a different flavour.

Further to the comment about me generalising. I don't think I am. I am speaking of my experience and frustration.
Sorry if I upset you.

Re: Linux 19.1 Freezes at Random

Posted: Mon May 27, 2019 10:11 am
by karlchen
Hi, spnoe.

The post above is almost an exact duplicate of your post in this thread.
In that other thread Pjotr asked you to provide a concise system report with the help of inxi -Fxz.
And he is right in doing so, because without any verifiable technical details, your complaint will remain a complaint only. No-one will be able to tell you whether the root cause of your dissatisfaction with Mint 19.1 Cinnamon (you should mentioned that is Cinnamon specifically which you are talking about by the way, not Mint 19.1 xfce and not Mint 19.1 Mate) affects only your specific system or whether it affects other systems as well or whether it affects systems, having specific hardware components, only.

Means a statement like "Random freezing seems to becoming a regular problem with Mint.", without verifiable technical details, remains precisely this: an unverified statement.

Based on my personal experience, I cannot confirm that freezing is a regular problem happening on any of my Mint systems, neither on my Mint 19 system, nor on my Mint 18.x systems. This is true for the Cinnamon desktop as well as for the xfce desktop. In fact freezing is no problem on my Mint systems at all.
(I will attach the "inxi -Fxz" reports for the 2 Mint Cinnamon systems, which I use to this post within the next few minutes. It will reveal that both machines have got Nividia graphics cards and that they run on the open source nouveau drivers only.)

I will not try to deny that you experience regular freezes on your Mint 19.1 system. But so far I have got no hard facts to convince me that this is a common problem with Mint 19.x Cinnamon systems.
And without an inxi -Fxz report we have not even got any useful hint, which would permit us to analyze what might cause the freezes on your system. So, please, provide the inxi -Fxz report, requested by Pjotr.