Can you give a VM full control of your network interfaces?

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Can you give a VM full control of your network interfaces?

Post by mattig89ch » Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:10 am

Hello everyone,

I'm not sure where to ask this question, and I'm not sure if its possible or not. Basically, I wanted to run a virtual router on my laptop. More specifically Pi-hole.

The reasoning is simple enough to explain, both to mess around with it, and to see if such a thing was possible. This would require giving this VM total control of my network adapters, and telling my host OS to use a virtual interface as its primary interface. Would such a thing be possible? Has this been done before? Is there a walk through of how to do this already, and my googling just hasn't found it yet?

I know I want to give this VM as few resources as possible. So the OS I use would have to be stupid lightweight. Could this be done?
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