Mint 20, Google & trashing GRUB2

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Mint 20, Google & trashing GRUB2

Post by Wisht »

Sadly this is probably my last post. There have been few since starting off with Mint (Mint13 I think) so I am no loss to the community. All my major system crashes have been with Mint. Fortunately Linux is a very robust system. Because of that I have been able to recover most of my data in the aftermath. Yes I have backups but systems only crash just after a major piece of work is saved and just before the next backup run.

I have only 1 complaint. The irritating attempts to bully me into using Yahoo. The crashes and ensuing data recovery hours and days are not reliably blameable on the OS. I confess to malicious suspicions about 19.2/3 and Grub2 but cannot substantiate any of them. Doing online searches with a live Mint to aid recovery has been a pain having to circumvent the nauseating Yahoo insistence at every search. I appreciate the need for funds but forcing or attempting to force users into compliance is NOT IN THE SPIRIT OF LINUX or free and open software. The rot started with System*^%!"#$@d -for dunce obviously but I went with it because of the advantages. OK I did run Manjaro for a while in a fit of peak but returned to the fold in due course. This time I want out.

I have been using a live Manjaro for some time to minimise vulnerability online. Thing is I like it. I like that it is based on Arch. Even though I can't validate my superiority with the one-liner: "... I use Arch" it is still comfortably distant from Mint. I was considering going back to Debian but then I remembered minor frustrations with none-free stuff which chimed with the yahoo nonsense in Mint so that was that.

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Re: Mint 20, Google & trashing GRUB2

Post by Pierre »

that doesn't make any sense - - the Yahoo Search is Not the Default Search Engine
what changes, if any, did you make to the Web Browser :?:
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Re: Mint 20, Google & trashing GRUB2

Post by antikythera »

Yahoo is indeed the current default in Mozilla Firefox on my systems too. I use Google Chrome anyway so all I did was download that with firefox anyway but did notice "Search with Yahoo! or enter address" appear and also their logo when I started typing.

Version installed is 68.10.0esr~linuxmint1+debbie

The linux mint start page for debbie still has the linux mint google search affiliate box though.

Looking at the Search options in Firefox, it may be Mozilla behind this change given their gripes with Google. Google Search nor Linux Mint's Google affiliate search is not in the list of preset options.
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