Minimize anything and its gone

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Re: Minimize anything and its gone

Post by Dr.U »

maprx wrote:Well that sums it up, my desktop has become corrupt. If I min a window, open firefox in front of another ap, that ap is gone and so is all the other windows of firefox if i min them as well. My desktop has beome corrupt, any ideas before a complete reinstall?
Some more information would be useful: e.g. are you using KDE or Gnome or something else?

I use Gnome and would suggest that you first check that your panel still has a "windows list" as this is where your minimized apps "go" (i.e. this is where you still can see them for popping them up again). If you are not sure if a window list is there, try adding one anyway. This is how it's done with Gnome:

1. Right-click (if you use a left-handed mouse then left-click) on the panel to get the panel's context menu

2. Select "Add to Panel..."

3. In the "Desktop & Windows" section select "Windows List"

4. Click on the button "Add"

Now try starting something (e.g. a text editor) and then try minimizing it. If you still do not see it in the panel, then something else is wrong.

Let us know how you are progressing.

-- Dr. U
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Post by surfer57 »

Perfect solution going to panel and adding window list....thank you....I am not worthy!

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