Newbie problems in Cassandra

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T J Tulley
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Newbie problems in Cassandra

Postby T J Tulley » Fri Aug 17, 2007 2:20 pm

Cassandra 3.0 is installed from an iso-image downloaded to a CD. Last week I found Bianca a bit limited, and I was advised in the forum to move to Cassandra. Bianca's synaptic install tool became corrupt.

Now Cassandra is in 2 partitions of Primary Slave (with a Windows image between them!) I couldn't use Diskpart to create multiple partitions although it says "you can". If I created a new 2 GB partition in a larger one, the remainder became unusable.

The next most urgent problem is to import mails from an OE6 store folder to Thunderbird. The TB website shows this happening from a Windows installation, but here OE6 doesn't appear in the box showing possible sources for import, presumably because there isn't a working Windows system. I've successfully imported my Address book.

All my data resides in HDDs which are accessible from Bianca and Cassandra - but in Cassandra some of the HDD partitions are shown in Properties with root as owner and I can't use them - files are read-only.

I've read all the stuff in this forum about root users - duly noted, though I never had problems logging on as Admin in Windows. But can I change the "ownership" of a drive from root to myself? If so, how? Why has this only happened to some drives?

I've temporarily got round that problem by copying My Docs from Windows to Docs in my Home folder in Cassandra, where it belongs to me and can be edited. But I would prefer direct access - problem didn't arise in Bianca.

I use text files frequently. Minor problem: if I double-click to open a text file (from Notepad in Windows) Gedit asks whether to run or display. Can I set a default to display without being asked? The option to run files as programs is not ticked in Properties of the parent folder.

Another minor problem: by default folder contents are displayed as Icons. Can the default be changed to List?

Recently I've been using DriveImage as a backup facility, and my most recent working HDD in Windows was in fact an image. There is a third HDD installed via an adapter in the SATA Primary socket , intended for backups. I haven't yet investigated the backup facility which I believe is present in the Cassandra suite - I believe there is also a Partition Image tool? Any advice?

All of this is eating up time and holding up my main activities. [Retirement is a full-time job, I always say!]

Bianca is installed in Primary Master Partition 2, with my most recent Windows system in Partition 1. Grub of course is in Primary Master 0.

My basic problem is Win XP Pro won't boot and I'm very reluctant to install again - my CD is OEM and has only SP1 so that leads to a lot of hassle.

Apologies for a long scribble: Yours hopefully, -

Theo Tulley.

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Postby newW2 » Fri Aug 17, 2007 10:38 pm

Some questions answered in your other post here: ... 9809#29809

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