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File System Problem / Recovery

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 2:27 pm
by 9812713
Hello Everyone,
I am hoping someone can help me with this problem.

I have partitioned my hard drive as follows

/ - EXT3
/home - EXT3
/windows - NTFS

In my /home/username/untitled folder/Music/ folder, I have a bunch of folders that contains 32 GB's of Data, In Nautilus I am unable to look inside the folder and after about 10 seconds, Nautilus will crash.

(example, I open Nautilius, go to the path { /home/username/untitled folder/Music/ } and Nautilius not list the folders and will crash.

At the console, when I go to the path the console doesn't have a problem Viewing, playing, editing, even listing the contents of this folder, and the ones under neath it. I also ran the ' du -H ' to see if that console program lists, and it does.

This folder is on a ext3 file system, is there anyway I can get it working so it doesn't crash Nautilus, and give me back access again to my files. I know my data is there, it just seems something got corrupted and it's not letting me in ..

Currently I am on Daryna version of Mint ?

Any ideas?

Re: File System Problem / Recovery

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:11 pm
by 9812713
The end result is --

There does appear to be a bug in Nautilus that disallowed the folder to list, and caused it to crash ... Since the console seen all my files, I manually transferred them another folder, and renamed them, and that 'appears' to fix the problem..

Perhaps if I am bored, I'll retrace my steps and report it .. But it is likely one of those special cases.

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