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Forum use observation

Post by dcihon »

After reading several posts over the last few months here is an observation I have made on the use of the forum:
READ .... READ .... READ..
It seems if people would only do more searching and reading on the forum many of their questions would be answered before posting.
I see a lot of people post a question that as already been answered somewhere else.
They also give up on something like using Cinnamon before researching on how to do something.
Seems like I read the same post over and over again maybe just worded a little different.
I have done my venting now. I feel better.
Back to reading.
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Re: Forum use observation

Post by vanDoom »

I remember starting my Linux journey a few years back. Sometimes things can be so new you don't even know what you are searching for, or how to apply things you have found out. You are left feeling like a little child who can only ask 'Why?' after every statement that is made. I think it takes a good leap of faith to finally get involved in breaking and fixing things yourself. Or, read every introductory document you can find.

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Re: Forum use observation

Post by remoulder »

dcihon wrote:if people would only do more searching and reading on the forum many of their questions would be answered before posting
You are quite correct and it can get very frustrating at times, but I guess it's just human nature! :|
[Edit] your original post and add [SOLVED] once your question is resolved.

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Re: Forum use observation

Post by DrHu »

I would agree that there are some simple questions that can be answered by a little reading (the famous RTFM idea, as in look over any guides/tutorials ref: your particular Linux distribution, and even search the same question to see if something similar has been solved before in these or other forums(Ubuntu of course, as it relates to Mint)).

But I do get that some people just want to ask the question and see what the answer is
--they may never check
  • All I can say about that is it keeps the forums lively..

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