hello folks...

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hello folks...

Post by yigit »

first off all i have to say that i am not a native English speaker and my English level is also a bit low....

a few days ago i have lived an enlightenment ( did i tell true way i don't know? anyway.... i have been using windows for more than ten years....once i had an original xp cd but i have lost it...3 years ago i bought a new desktop computer and i got installed pirated windows 7 ultimate and office 2007....

and i have been downloading pirate mp3 for 9 years.... to download discography is just a obsess to me.... yes that is the coorrect word that can describe me: obsession ... 320 kbps - discography japanese release etc etc etc..... i have more than 700 GB of music movie all are pirate

then i relized that to donwnload pireted material is no different from stealing something from store... for example you cant steal an album from a music store easily but you can download a flac album from torrent easily... if we think they are exactly the same thing!!! i have realized that i have stealing somebodies' effort and time and money and talent etc...... i tried to learn how to play guitar but it was so damn hard to me....... then i have realized how hard to compose a song and create an album.....

but now... that is it....

i will delete all copyrighted materials on my hard disk... all pirated mp3 movie even copy righted pictures and of course windows too....

so i have decided to install linux mint... i have searched a little on net that found that the most user friendly linux distro is linux mint.... tomorrow i will download the iso of linux mint 17 but.... i cant decide which DE to install: cinnamon or mate? which de looks and feels better and easy to use...here is my computer's component:


i hope i did not write too long.... thank you very much for reading and for your helps...
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Re: hello folks...

Post by The-Wizard »

Welcome to the Mint family forums,
first you English is fine
second which flavour of mint you use boils down to personal preference and hardware specification, older machines with lower graphic cards run better with mate, newer equipment will cope quite well with the graphics demand of Cinnamon, for even older equipment [ex win xp ] machines then often the best option would be Xfce desktop,
although once you take away the candy, they all work in a similar fashion.

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Re: hello folks...

Post by Crewp »

Welcome to Linux Mint, and the Mint forum. :D

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Re: hello folks...

Post by PatH57 »

welcome and enjoy the mint community
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Re: hello folks...

Post by vrkalak »

:mrgreen: ..:: Welcome to LinuxMint ::.. :mrgreen:

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Re: hello folks...

Post by jesica »

Welcome to Linux Mint

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Happy apt-get-ing!

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