Welcome Ladies - post here :)

Welcome to newcomers! Don't hesitate to introduce yourself.
Please don't post tech support questions here
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Re: Welcome Ladies - post here :)

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Moem wrote:
Fri Apr 03, 2020 12:12 pm
Linux-Is-Best wrote:
Fri Apr 03, 2020 12:05 pm
This post serves only as a means to keep my account active.
That's very nice... now that you're here anyway, you might as well say hello, right?
If I must. I guess that the best way you can understand the type of person I am is to know my thoughts on the 'Linux way'. Allow me to share a post I made elsewhere....

Can we please talk about code and not philosophy? Folks are working with a binary system. Not trying to form or be indoctrinated into a religion.
  • Can you do it? YES.
  • Will it harm the system? NO.
  • Will you answer my question with an actual working solution? NO.
  • Why not? It is not the Linux "way".
Learning Linux was always made so frustrating as a newbie because often the things I wanted for my (own personal) system was not defaulted out of the box. You think a community whose ideology was to promote creativity and user independence would be open to new ideas or ways of doing things. You have whole sites, blogs, groups, forums, and threads dedicated to customizing and improving the Linux experience. Yet when someone truly thinks a little more outside the box the negativity and backlash cannot be denied.

The often misconception on why newbie inquires seem so cryptic is that they do not know enough to explain what they're trying to do. I propose an alternative viewpoint (based upon a collective shared experience). A lot of those folks know exactly what they're trying to do. They just don't want to get into a debate about doing it.

Advance Linux users are some of the biggest gatekeepers I know.
  • Can it be done? YES.
  • Will it harm the system? NO. Here is how you do this...
That should be the Linux "way". A philosophy of inclusion would go a long way into incorporating more folks into adopting Linux. Linux is an operating system and should not be maintained and gatekept as if it were a cult. Allowing people to find and discover their (own) way and share their way is what open source is all about.
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Re: Welcome Ladies - post here :)

Post by ylva_li »

I use Linux Mint Cinnamon for a few years now, as end-user. This worked fine up until now...
Since we are all in quarantine at the moment, naturally my laptop decided to make my life more difficult. Therefore I have to rely on you all to help a panicked noob out.
Because guess who did not make a backup? Yep. :|

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