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just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:39 am
by antoonna
Hi all , or in dutch , Hoi ieder .
That will tell straight away I'm a , dutch , old fool . But I'm also using , old and fool on purpose . Please let me explain . As a 60 year old , former teacher , I had my education in the early 80's and started out as a male kindergarden teacher . So most of my carierre I spent between , lets call it , pre-computer age children ( maybe not anymore , but it was back then ) and later , when I started teaching older children , for example , computer-lessons , the 12 year olds were way more computer-savvy then I ever was ! So for these lessons , the teacher/pupil part was utterly turned around ( offcourse for a good teacher , teaching and learning is always a two or more way process , or even better , a way of life and it never stops ) and made my computer-education lets say , scetchy at best , since the 12 year olds , back then didn't know mutch about computers either . Now this was not really ever a problem , for , then there was Windows and not even the teacher needed to know anything about computers any more and you all now know , why , I use the word , fool :!:
If only windows had not turned out being a problem in it self , then there would not have been a cloud and no silver lining , in the form of meeting this community .
Linux so far , has saved me from the continous frustration of my windows years , but also made clear the gaps in my computer knowledge .That and the fact that you are never to old to learn , is what brings me to this forum . :wink:
Cherish your inner child , or in dutch , koester het kind in jezelf .
Antoon .

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:43 am
by Pierre
Hi Antoon,

welcome to our forum

there is no such thing as an "old fool" - just those who won't learn new stuff.

& there is also lots of Ex Windows Users about these parts.

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:16 am
by antoonna
Thanks Pierre ,
Offcourse there is no such thing as an "old fool" , but it is my way off telling , that the gaps in my knowledge are more or less profound and sometimes even astounding , For example , I learned how to , copy/paste , only just the other day ! But I'll be fine , no worry's .
Antoon .

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:58 pm
by jimallyn
Welcome aboard, antoona!

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:59 pm
by lsemmens
Welcome aboard antoona! You sound like a bloody good teacher! I'm sure your charges, over the years still look back on their time with you fondly. Welcome to the world of Linux.

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:51 am
by phd21
Hallo Antoonna,

Welkom bij de wondere wereld van Linux Mint en zijn uitstekende forum!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Linux Mint and its excellent forum!

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 3:51 pm
by Kinetics
Welcome Antoon from an even older fool. I have been retreaded (an old auto tire saying) a few times and now learning C++, Python and Linux (in retirement).

I hope this forum is good - I'm going to need it! :D

Happy programming,


Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:55 pm
by LuvNix
Welcome to the Mint forums. You seem to have a really good attitude and totally agree about never being to old to learn. Think it's great you still have a real desire to do so too. You've definitely hit on a subject that can keep you well occupied and learning endlessly. Opensource, tech and gnu/Linux never has a shortage for anyone who wants to constantly expand their knowledge of technology. Think even people like Linus Torvalds probably still constantly learns things about the Linux kernel himself. :)

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 6:39 am
by RollyShed
antoonna wrote:
Tue Jan 01, 2019 9:39 am
Please let me explain . As a 60 year old , former teacher
Old? When you grow up and become old you'll know how to do things :D Why so rude? Being a decade and a half older, and possibly greyer too I've got to feel superior - Sorry, just flaunting what's left of my grey hair. At your age it was Susie or Knoppix for me and I had to wait for Mint to come along and be a totally versatile bit of software.

As for Windows, unless you were working on machine code (yes, did that) Windows was basically the only thing in town - as they say.

Computers - think of it (and software) as a way of keeping the brain active, mental exercise. That or crossword puzzles. :D

Copy and paste, I suggest learning a maximum of 5 things (a handful) Ctrl X, Ctrl C, Ctrl V - cut, copy, paste. The other two things? Possibly Ctrl Z to go back a step - when you didn't want to do what you did. And the fifth one? Any suggestions?

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:22 pm
by WharfRat
Hello Antoon Image

Welcome to Linux Mint and the Linux Mint forum :)

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:33 am
by antoonna
Hoi WharfRat, ( or RollyShed , or Anybody ? )
It completely escapes me what is so rude about calling myself an idiot , espescially when I explain , I just , feel , like an idiot , when trying to convey my problems in a language that is not my mother tongue and being a windows addict . Meaning I have had NO prior experience , what so ever with , any form of computercode .
Now , being new to Linux , Firefox , Mozilla and Hexchat , I'm experiencing mayor problems ( nothing works well in Firefox , not even e-mail ( protonmail ! ) and it is getting worse by the minute ) and when I try to get help on Hex ( for weeks now ), nobody seems to take any reponsibillity for helping me , more then 3 minutes . Witch offcourse is just not long enough . And when I ask somebody : Sorry , but , do you have to go in the next few minutes ? ( Witch at that point happened more then 5 times allready )The answer was , GO TROLL SOMEWHERE ELSE ! Now I'm NOT an idiot and I do know what that means . ( btw I've not been warned or anything , by a moderator ) Then the 2d issue I'm experiencing , is the fact that , in this "3 minutes" , that people have time for me , I also have to explain , my problem(s) over and over again , for they are new people every time , or , because they are chatting on 5 different sites at the same time , to 10 different people . And then last but not least , by calling myself an idiot , I was also trying to provoce , lets just say , the simplest answer first . Now I have to admit , there I failed miserably as well . But I DO NOT KNOW the simplest answer , now do I ? And I'll give you an example . My first try on Hex , I said , Can somebody , please , help me , my YouTube video's are stopping and going all the time , it drives me mad . ( btw not just YouTube but , films , tv , live-streaming , everything keeps on stopping and going , ON Firefox ) Now , people where very nice and helpfull , even patient with me , learned me , how and where to put in computercode and stuff , Gave me all sorts off commands to try out , but the problem kept getting worse ( I have 100 or more pages , faults logged by now , I've learned that to ) , but no one told me , " just download , Google chrome and play YouTube in there " , witch by now , I've learned myself , is the simplest and only , working solution to my stop and go problem . In Google , ( btw , my 5th suggestion , as RollyShed asked ) YouTube works fine , I even have the subtitles back , witch is very important to me , for I'm also a deaf person by now . ( not just , an idiot ).
Oke , RollyShed , WharfRat , thank you for your reaction , sorry for not knowing who , Susie and Knoppix are , thanks for teaching me a alternative way off , copying and pasting , But could you , please , tell me , where or how , I get help with a total computer clean up ? Or , where or how , do I get rid off , all these pages with faults , that by now , are even invading Google ! And by now I also know I should not use capitals , BUT I NEED HELP ! I'm getting desperate !

So , thanks , all , for giving me a warm welcome , here below . I am very sorry to have to dampen your enthusiasm for Linux , Firefox , Mozilla and Hexchat ,
but by now , I am in bigger trouble then I ever was , in bloody windows AND I am getting less and worse help with my computer problems , then from a bloody indian/microsoft/callcenter !
Deep , deep . sigh !

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 6:54 am
by kc1di
Hello antoonna,
Welcome to Linux Mint Forums.
Enjoy the learning :)

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn .

Posted: Sun Jan 20, 2019 7:33 am
by Moem
Hello Antoon,
As you found out, the IRC chat (that can be reached though Hexchat) is not the best option for cases that take a little longer to solve. You'll get better results from posting your questions on this forum.

Suse and Knoppix are different distributions (= versions) of Linux.

Can you tell us about 'all these pages with faults' on your computer? Where are you seeing them?

Re: just an old fool , still eager to learn . Fout pagina's.

Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2019 11:14 am
by antoonna
Hoi Moem ,
Toen ik die pagina's zag in de hectiek van Hex , had ik ook nog maar net kennis gemaakt met de terminal , zelfs net wat commando's gekopieerd ,
Ik dacht dus dat ik ze , daar had gezien en dat zorgde voor de nodige paniek bij mij . Ik dacht dat er echt niks meer aan te doen was , tenminste voor mij .
Nu , in alle rust , blijkt het , de logboeken , te zijn . Die zijn ook enig sinds te lezen , voor mij , niet alleen maar computercode en dan blijkt het toch allemaal minder erg . Je ziet ook wat de laptop gewoon al moet doen , van minuut tot minuut en daarom dacht ik dus met meer dan 100 pagina's problemen te zitten .
Ik probeer de bladzijde's , belangrijk , te downloaden , dat lukt denk ik maar bij 1 . Die ga ik nu hier proberen toe te voegen
Geen flauw idee of en wat er gelukt is , ik kan niks meer terug vinden , hier . Als het goed is heb ik alles wat ik kan vinden , aan downloads van nu vanmiddag 2x meegestuurd , maar ik , kan ze niet hier meer vinden . Even voorbeeld kijken .
Dat voorbeeld kijken pikt , de site , niet en als ik hem indien , gooit hij de tekst een beetje door elkaar , dus ik heb hem nu weer "terug genomen" en ik ga nu het hele proces , belangrijke pagina's downloaden in bestand , bestand als bijlage meesturen , gewoon nog een keer doen , want ik kan nergens die eerdere bestanden , hier meer vinden .
Nou voor een derde keer weer een beetje anders geprobeerd , maar ik zie hier maar niks aankomen .
Ik weet het niet meer , maar geen paniek , ik ga nu maar rustig , jouw/iemands reactie afwachten en blijf de site checken , laturs jongens .
Husselt de site de ingediende tekst , opnieuw ... koester het kind in jezelf
Voor de 4 de keer terug , wat de site nu ( of mijn laptop ? ) doet is , mijn in het Nederlands geschreven tekst vertalen in het Engels en daarna in mijn voorbeeld het weer in het Nederlands terug vertalen . ( ik snapte dat husselen al niet ) , maar ik kan nu echt niet meer beoordelen , wat voor een tekst , jullie nu te zien gaan krijgen , dus nu maar gewoon ... hapje eten ... Koester het kind in jezelf ... Antoon .
Dag later opnieuw geprobeerd die fout pagina´s toe te voegen , maar ik zie ze hier maar niet verschijnen , kan iemand me vertellen wat ik fout doe ?
De gehusselde tekst was gewoon aan en uit springende Google vertaal , is nu uit , maar ik weet niet waarom die dat deed ?antoon@antoon-Compaq-CQ58-Notebook-PC:~$ inxi -h
inxi supports the following options. You can combine them, or list them one
by one. Examples: inxi -v4 -c6 OR inxi -bDc 6. If you start inxi with no
arguments, it will show the short form.

The following options if used without -F, -b, or -v will show just option
line(s): A, B, C, D, G, I, M, N, P, R, S, f, i, m, n, o, p, l, u, r, s, t -
you can use these alone or together to show just the line(s) you want to see.
If you use them with -v [level], -b or -F, it will show the full output for
that line along with the output for the chosen verbosity level.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Output Control Options:
-A Audio/sound card information.
-b Basic output, short form. Like inxi -v 2, only minus hard disk names .
-B Battery info, shows charge, condition, plus extra information (if
battery present).
-c Color schemes. Scheme number is required. Color selectors run a color
selector option prior to inxi starting which lets you set the config
file value for the selection.
Supported color schemes: 0-42 Example: inxi -c 11
Color selectors for each type display (NOTE: irc and global only show
safe color set):
94 Console, out of X
95 Terminal, running in X - like xTerm
96 Gui IRC, running in X - like Xchat, Quassel, Konversation etc.
97 Console IRC running in X - like irssi in xTerm
98 Console IRC not in X
99 Global - Overrides/removes all settings. Setting specific removes
-C CPU output, including per CPU clockspeed and max CPU speed (if
-d Optical drive data (and floppy disks, if present). Same as -Dd. See
also -x and -xx.
-D Full hard Disk info, not only model, ie: /dev/sda ST380817AS 80.0GB.
See also -x and -xx. Disk total used percentage includes swap partition
-f All cpu flags, triggers -C. Not shown with -F to avoid spamming. ARM
cpus show 'features'.
-F Full output for inxi. Includes all Upper Case line letters, plus -s and
-n. Does not show extra verbose options like -d -f -l -m -o -p -r -t -u
-G Graphic card information (card, display server type/version,
resolution, renderer, OpenGL version).
-i Wan IP address, and shows local interfaces (requires ifconfig network
tool). Same as -Nni. Not shown with -F for user security reasons, you
shouldn't paste your local/wan IP.
-I Information: processes, uptime, memory, irc client (or shell type),
inxi version.
-l Partition labels. Default: short partition -P. For full -p output, use:
-pl (or -plu).
-m Memory (RAM) data. Physical system memory array(s), capacity, how many
devices (slots) supported, and individual memory devices (sticks of
memory etc). For devices, shows device locator, size, speed, type
(like: DDR3). If neither -I nor -tm are selected, also shows ram
used/total. Also see -x, -xx, -xxx
-M Machine data. Device type (desktop, server, laptop, VM etc.),
Motherboard, Bios, and if present, System Builder (Like Lenovo). Shows
UEFI/BIOS/UEFI [Legacy]. Older systems/kernels without the required
/sys data can use dmidecode instead, run as root. Dmidecode can be
forced with -! 33
-n Advanced Network card information. Same as -Nn. Shows interface, speed,
mac id, state, etc.
-N Network card information. With -x, shows PCI BusID, Port number.
-o Unmounted partition information (includes UUID and LABEL if available).
Shows file system type if you have file installed, if you are root OR
if you have added to /etc/sudoers (sudo v. 1.7 or newer)
Example: <username> ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/file
-p Full partition information (-P plus all other detected partitions).
-P Basic partition information (shows what -v 4 would show, but without
extra data). Shows, if detected: / /boot /home /opt /tmp /usr /var
/var/log /var/tmp . Use -p to see all mounted partitions.
-r Distro repository data. Supported repo types: APK; APT; PACMAN; PISI;
-R RAID data. Shows RAID devices, states, levels, and components, and
extra data with -x/-xx. md-raid: If device is resyncing, shows resync
progress line as well.
-s Sensors output (if sensors installed/configured): mobo/cpu/gpu temp;
detected fan speeds. Gpu temp only for Fglrx/Nvidia drivers. Nvidia
shows screen number for > 1 screens.
-S System information: host name, kernel, desktop environment (if in X),
-t Processes. Requires extra options: c (cpu) m (memory) cm (cpu+memory).
If followed by numbers 1-20, shows that number of processes for each
type (default: 5; if in irc, max: 5): -t cm10
Make sure to have no space between letters and numbers (-t cm10 -
right, -t cm 10 - wrong).
-u Partition UUIDs. Default: short partition -P. For full -p output, use:
-pu (or -plu).
-v Script verbosity levels. Verbosity level number is required. Should not
be used with -b or -F
Supported levels: 0-7 Example: inxi -v 4
0 Short output, same as: inxi
1 Basic verbose, -S + basic CPU + -G + basic Disk + -I.
2 Networking card (-N), Machine (-M) data, if present, Battery
(-B), basic hard disk data (names only), and, if present, basic
raid (devices only, and if inactive, notes that). similar to:
inxi -b
3 Advanced CPU (-C), battery, network (-n) data, and switches on -x
advanced data option.
4 Partition size/filled data (-P) for (if present): /, /home,
/var/, /boot. Shows full disk data (-D).
5 Audio card (-A); sensors (-s), memory/ram (-m), partition
label (-l) and UUID (-u), short form of optical drives, standard
raid data (-R).
6 Full partition (-p), unmounted partition (-o), optical drive
(-d), full raid; triggers -xx.
7 Network IP data (-i); triggers -xxx.
-w Local weather data/time. To check an alternate location, see:
-W <location>. For extra weather data options see -x, -xx, and -xxx.
-W <location> Supported options for <location>: postal code; city,
state/country; latitude, longitude. Only use if you want the weather
somewhere other than the machine running inxi. Use only ascii
characters, replace spaces in city/state/country names with '+'.
Example: inxi -W new+york,ny
-x Adds the following extra data (only works with verbose or line output,
not short form):
-B Vendor/model, status (if available)
-C CPU Flags, Bogomips on Cpu;CPU microarchitecture / revision if
found, like: (Sandy Bridge rev.2)
-d Extra optical drive data; adds rev version to optical drive.
-D Hdd temp with disk data if you have hddtemp installed, if you are
root OR if you have added to /etc/sudoers (sudo v. 1.7 or newer)
Example: <username> ALL = NOPASSWD: /usr/sbin/hddtemp
-G Direct rendering status for Graphics (in X).
-G (for single gpu, nvidia driver) screen number gpu is running on.
-i For IPv6, show additional IP v6 scope addresses: Global, Site,
Temporary, Unknown.
-I System GCC, default. With -xx, also show other installed GCC
versions. If running in console, not in IRC client, shows shell
version number, if detected. Init/RC Type and runlevel (if
-m Part number; Max memory module size (if available).
-N -A Version/port(s)/driver version (if available) for Network/Audio;
-N -A -G Network, audio, graphics, shows PCI Bus ID/Usb ID number of card.
-R md-raid: Shows component raid id. Adds second RAID Info line:
raid level; report on drives (like 5/5); blocks; chunk size;
bitmap (if present). Resync line, shows blocks synced/total
blocks. zfs-raid: Shows raid array full size; available size;
portion allocated to RAID
-S Desktop toolkit if available (GNOME/XFCE/KDE only); Kernel gcc
-t Memory use output to cpu (-xt c), and cpu use to memory (-xt m).
-w -W Wind speed and time zone (-w only).
-xx Show extra, extra data (only works with verbose or line output, not
short form):
-A Chip vendor:product ID for each audio device.
-B serial number, voltage (if available).
-C Minimum CPU speed, if available.
-D Disk serial number; Firmware rev. if available.
-G Chip vendor:product ID for each video card; (mir/wayland only)
compositor (alpha test); OpenGL compatibility version, if free
drivers and available.
-I Other detected installed gcc versions (if present). System
default runlevel. Adds parent program (or tty) for shell info if
not in IRC (like Konsole or Gterm). Adds Init/RC (if found)
version number.
-m Manufacturer, Serial Number, single/double bank (if found).
-M Chassis information, bios rom size (dmidecode only), if data for
either is available.
-N Chip vendor:product ID for each nic.
-R md-raid: Superblock (if present); algorythm, U data. Adds system
info line (kernel support,read ahead, raid events). If present,
adds unused device line. Resync line, shows progress bar.
-S Display manager (dm) in desktop output, if in X (like kdm, gdm3,
-w -W Humidity, barometric pressure.
-@ 11-14 Automatically uploads debugger data tar.gz file to EG: inxi -xx@14
-xxx Show extra, extra, extra data (only works with verbose or line output,
not short form):
-B chemistry, cycles, location (if available).
-m Width of memory bus, data and total (if present and greater than
data); Detail, if present, for Type; module voltage, if
-S Panel/shell information in desktop output, if in X (like
gnome-shell, cinnamon, mate-panel).
-w -W Location (uses -z/irc filter), weather observation time, wind
chill, heat index, dew point (shows extra lines for data where
-y Required extra option: integer, 80 or greater. Set the output line
width max. Overrides IRC/Terminal settings or actual widths. If used
with -h, put -y option first. Example: inxi -y 130
-z Security filters for IP/Mac addresses, location, user home directory
name. Default on for irc clients.
-Z Absolute override for output filters. Useful for debugging networking
issues in irc for example.

Additional Options:
-h --help This help menu.
-H This help menu, plus developer options. Do not use dev options
in normal operation!
--recommends Checks inxi application dependencies + recommends, and
directories, then shows what package(s) you need to install to
add support for that feature.
-V --version inxi version information. Prints information then exits.

Debugging Options:
-% Overrides defective or corrupted data.
-@ Triggers debugger output. Requires debugging level 1-14 (8-10 - logging
of data). Less than 8 just triggers inxi debugger output on screen.
1-7 On screen debugger output
8 Basic logging
9 Full file/sys info logging
10 Color logging.
The following create a tar.gz file of system data, plus collecting the
inxi output to file. To automatically upload debugger data tar.gz file
to inxi -xx@ <11-14>
For alternate ftp upload locations:
Example: inxi -! -xx@ 14
11 With data file of tree traverse read of /sys.
12 With xorg conf and log data, xrandr, xprop, xdpyinfo, glxinfo etc.
13 With data from dev, disks, partitions, etc., plus /sys tree
traverse data file.
14 Everything, full data collection.

Advanced Options:
-! 31 Turns off hostname in output. Useful if showing output from servers etc.
-! 32 Turns on hostname in output. Overrides global B_SHOW_HOST='false'
-! 33 Forces use of dmidecode data instead of /sys where relevant (-M).
-! 34 Skips SSL certificate checks for all downloader activies
(wget/fetch/curl only). Must go before other options.
-! 40 Will try to get display data out of X. Default gets it from display :0.
If you use this format: -! 40:1 it would get it from display 1 instead,
or any display you specify as long as there is no space between -! 40
and the :[display-number].
-! 41 Bypass curl as a downloader option.
-! 42 Bypass fetch as a downloader option.
-! 43 Bypass wget as a downloader option.
-! 44 Bypass curl, fetch, and wget as a downloader options. Forces Perl if
HTTP::Tiny present.

Ik heb maar iets gedaan uit de regels van het forum , inxi -h , moest iets opleveren waardoor iemand zou begrijpen wat er mis was , ik vond het al knap van mezelf dat ik dat hier op de pagina heb weten te krijgen , maar ik weet mijn god niet wat ik er mee aan moet , wat het voorstelt , of iemand er iets mee kan , en al helemaal niet of ik er mee van mijn problemen af kom ?
Als ik systeem informatie probeer op te halen met , als hierboven beschreven , -S , zegt hij , command not found
Er moest inxi voor .
Host: antoon-Compaq-CQ58-Notebook-PC Kernel: 4.15.0-43-generic x86_64
bits: 64
Desktop: Cinnamon 3.8.9 Distro: Linux Mint 19 Tara
De volgorde zal wel niet kloppen , maar ik weet niet hoe ik de tekst van volgorde kan veranderen , kan iemand me helpen ?
Koester het kind in jezelf , antoon .
Weer een latere poging
Als het goed is volgt er nu iets uit de logboeken
[pulseaudio] bluez5-util.c: GetManagedObjects() failed: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.
Uit het hoofdstukje , belangrijk , maar mij zegt het niets
antoon .