Hi, my name is John. [SOLVED]

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Hi, my name is John. [SOLVED]

Post by waive15 »

Hi there,

My name is John in English.

My old computer which was not so powerful ran Linux Mint and now my computer runs Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.
Thank you guys(the creators of Linux Mint and Ubuntu) for the great work you have been doing. After finishing with English language I will take Linux courses.

I am on this forum to ask a question about Language which will be posted in Open chat. I have read the rules and I am a little concerned about:

[3] No SPAM or Advertisements

* This includes posts, in a signature, or with the personal website field.

* Spammer accounts will be deleted. SPAM accounts are made "for the sole purpose of providing information about and/or links to commercial websites or other advertisements".

* Do not use Mint Forums to blatantly promote other projects

Spam is something which I don't fully understand but I don't want to violate the rules. So my plan is to write the name of the topic and than in the topic to ask if somebody is interested and how to provide the information without violating the rules about SPAM.

The Linux project is too dear to me, so I would rather not provide the information than to risk to be banned.

Why would a Language question be asked on Linux forum? - I asked it first on Language forums where it received no or 1 - 2 responses. It somehow falls in some gray area.

Thank you for the interest and have a nice day.
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Re: Hi, my name is John.

Post by murray »

Welcome to the forum John!

Spam is unwanted advertising. So long as you don't try to sell or promote something in this forum then you should be ok.
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Re: Hi, my name is John.

Post by WharfRat »

Hello John Image

Welcome to Linux Mint and the Linux Mint forum :)

As far as spam goes, there's a good explanation of it here
Spam can be defined as irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet. These are usually sent to a large number of users for a variety of use cases such as advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc.
Simply put posting useless stuff :wink:

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Re: Hi, my name is John.

Post by Greencedar »

Hello John and welcome to the forum! :)

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Re: Hi, my name is John.

Post by JerryF »

Welcome John!
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Re: Hi, my name is John.

Post by kc1di »

Hello John,
Welcome to the Linux Mint Forums, enjoy ;)
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Re: Hi, my name is John. [SOLVED]

Post by deepakdeshp »

Welcome to the forum.
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